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It is a very proud moment in my career the launching Caban Investments. I have been in Private Equity and Venture Capital for 25 years. After all these years I am still passionate about this industry due to the firm belief that the most effective way of solving our economic and socio-economic problems is by assisting Entrepreneurs. Traditional Private Equity Funds invest in business, and some do offer post-investment mentorship programmes. After both success and failures throughout my career, I believe that I have found a new business model that will work more effectively for entrepreneurs.


The manner in which Caban operates is through a collective of like-minded entrepreneurs with specific skill-sets. These skills are then used to assist entrepreneurs, at risk. Caban invests in the service providers to give them the ability to assist entrepreneurs.  Once the entrepreneur reaches a certain level of growth, Angel Investors are approached by us to finance the entrepreneurs. For the risk, Caban gets a share not only in the service providers, but the entrepreneurs business as well. For the Caban investor, the growth prospects are substantial.


For this model to work, the service providers have to practise what they preach by being successful themselves. This process is almost complete.

Caban also invests in high growth industries. It has focused on renewable energy, which is set to take the world by storm.  Substantial in-roads in our country have already been made in this field. We aim to assist entrepreneurs in this field.


Caban is fortunate to have individuals such Mark, Si, Alan, Judy and Rolf, who is joining as the CEO of our Renewal Energy division. Every one of these talented individuals is determined to make a difference.


The time for talking about making a difference is over, just do it.


In my next blog I will show how any individual can make a difference to entrepreneurs.


Your Cabanite


Dave Romero

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  • Comment Link Monday, 04 February 2013 21:17 posted by Lorna Lisa

    This is really great stuff - thank you Dave for giving up up and coming entrepreuners that much needed platform. I think l'll probably burst from excitement. Really great and amazing work. Brilliant!

  • Comment Link Friday, 01 February 2013 22:47 posted by Stephan Potgieter

    Good day. I have a 25Ha land adjacent Hammanskraal settlement and the big Apies river. My vision is to develop this piece into a "GREEN UNIVERSITY" educating kids, PDI's and young people to become "streetwise" entrepreneurs. With a hydroplant in the river generating Electrisity, bio-cole, bio-gas, food forest, smaller scale of Geothermal technology & many other ideas I researched can be implemented. But most importantly is the educational fissility teaching our younger generation how to look after the earth for their generations to come. And use the earths "powers" to live from. We will also teach them technical skills to become entrepreneurs and to make money and look after their family. Something like handyman courses, electrical, mechanical, technical BUT most important the class where they will be taught to "THINK GREEN". That's compulsory.

  • Comment Link Friday, 01 February 2013 22:36 posted by Stephan Potgieter

    Good day. I have a 2.3Ha land right next to a privately planned hospital (with approved rights received lastyear in Nov12 - after applying 8 years ago :-) in Lynnwood Road Pretoria. Great for the value of my land!! I'm thinking of issuing shares in a SPV - or maybe sell a %. Don't know yet?

  • Comment Link Sunday, 20 January 2013 21:49 posted by Si

    Brilliant stuff Dave. Take me to your leader...;

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