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Entrepreneurs' greatest obstacle: Fear

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We have mentioned before that being an entrepreneur is a very lonely road.  When things go wrong there are not many people one can turn to. Only entrepreneurs can really relate to other entrepreneurs. Invariably people you go to when things don't go according to plan will tell you to give up. When this happens, it makes it even more difficult to come out of your situation. 


The thing is that one portrays the way you feel.  If you're feeling negative, you will attract even more negativity.  This is not some eccentric esoteric notion, it's a fact. Being an entrepreneur since the age of 24 has given me the experience to take an informed perspective. But one cannot sometimes help feeling negative and fearful of losing everything, especially if you have a family.


When you start feeling negative, go back to the reasons you started a business in the first place.  What was it that motivated you to start an enterprise? You had to overcome huge amounts of fear to take the first step. At the time you probably received support from family and friends. Now that things are taking longer to materialise (which they normally do), the same people are discouraging you. They are planting fearful thoughts and you start doubting your resolve. Your thoughts turn to defeat instead of focusing on a turnaround strategy. So what do you do? The first thing you do is start ignoring the family and friends that are telling you to give up. Invariably, they have never been an entrepreneur. I'm not suggesting shunning them; just don't listen to the negativity. 


Then you have to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. Go to network sessions. Phone companies that help entrepreneurs and share your experiences. Most companies in this space will gladly encourage you and offer low cost mentorship solutions. A good mentor can make a huge difference. Open up to other entrepreneurs, they will willingly share their personal experiences. By sharing and listening to what they went through will motivate you to carry on. You will realise that what you're experiencing is not unique, it happens all the time.  Make yourself available to other entrepreneurs going through a downturn; you might be able to share solutions. 


The bottom line is share, exchange ideas and communicate the way you're feeling to people that understand. It takes courage to do this but it makes a huge difference.


I am an entrepreneur. I have had many downturns in my journey. One thing I know for sure, what I have stated above worked for me. Try it.


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