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It’s almost two weeks since we officially launched our website. We decided to use social media as a platform to get our message across to our target market - young entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.  A relatively small budget was set aside and we have been running a campaign that will last a further two weeks.


This was also done to gauge the effectiveness of running similar campaigns for future clients.


Judy of Juel Visual Business solutions managed and continuously monitored the process.  In 9 days we have 300 likes on our Facebook page. Obviously the purpose is to generate business for Caban Investments and its service providers. The’ likes’ have generated three direct enquiries for the group – this after only 9 days!   We kept our postings relevant to the subject matter and also posted some inspirational material to keep our followers interested. We went as far as giving some basic business advice which proved to be very popular. To us this has been a highly successful campaign and it’s still going to run for another two weeks.  So accolades to Judy.

Although we touched on the subject, I have decided to expand on what we do.


Caban Investments is a collective of independent entrepreneurs with various skill sets that help and support other entrepreneurs.  Although they charge for the services, the entrepreneur only pays for the services once the business is showing a profit.  The funds raised in Caban are used to fund the service providers by way of an interest bearing loan.  For doing this, Caban not only gets a share in the new or developing entrepreneur, but also in the service providers.


This business model allows the investor in Caban to benefit twice form one transaction, increasing the potential of the business substantially. It also reduces the risk of failure with the entrepreneur due to the service providers been involved with the entrepreneurs on many aspect of the company. Therefore when traditionally it was acceptable to have a 70% failure rate, this percentage will be reduced substantially due to the model


The second aspect of Caban is the investment in renewable energy.


Can you image having invested in the beginning of the IT boom?  Who could have predicted that so much profit could have being made in a single industry? Then the Internet arrived. It is still a phenomenal growth industry with Google, You tube etc. Now imagine being involved in a company that is poised to take advantage of the next biggest single growth industry, renewable energy.


Benefits of Renewable Energy Investments:


  • Investing before the technology takes off, so you are situated to get in on the ground floor and see a bigger increase in your investment value
  • Lower initial investment cost
  • Investment in the clean energy technology of the future
  • Knowledge that this investment will help reduce pollution and environmental damage


Despite renewable energy now becoming a widespread idea, many renewable energy companies are still penny stock companies, even though they offer huge potential for an investor. This can be for a number of reasons, but the most common one is that renewable energy companies have not been in operation for many years, and most alternative energy companies are five years old or less. Many investors will not trade in penny stocks because of a fear that these stocks are risky or low quality, but this is not usually true. Any company starts out small, and must prove their value and worth. This means almost every company starts out as a penny stock.  As alternative sources of energy are more widely used, renewable energy penny stocks in quality companies that are using solid technologies are going to soar. An investment in renewable energy before that happens means a much better potential for high returns, and a great investment opportunity.


Caban gives you an opportunity to get involved in the next “ boom industry” at the forefront. Your investment will help entrepreneurs, the environment - and the projected returns are substantial.


If you have spare cash and want to make a difference, become a Cabanite -  invest with us.


Your Cabanite
Dave Romero

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