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Caban: Our own entrepreneurship journey

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During 2012, I had the desire of starting a Private Equity company with a difference – a company that provides services on credit to entrepreneurs and makes their business work. Our journey started with a concept. The business model was developed on the premise that entrepreneurs need much more than capital. Entrepreneurs need to be assisted through the whole journey, mentorship in particular.


On 1 May 2012, I decided to start again. Caban Investments Limited was born, from a concept, to business plan and like all entrepreneurs needed capital.  I had to convince investors that my dream would work. The only investors I knew at the time were people who had lost money in a previous partnership. I contacted them and you can imagine the choice words these people had for me.  But I was relentless because I knew that my concept would work. 80% of these investors decided to back me. The lesson here? You can find capital in the most unlikely of places, just believe in yourself. 


The first round of funding was used to implement the first phase of the business plan: we needed service providers. For the concept to work, we needed to have shares in all the companies that would provide services to our incubatees. That we achieved by 1 March 2013 when we officially launched the company and the Caban Service Providers were established.  What makes the Caban concept effective is that all the Caban executives are entrepreneurs themselves within the Caban Group. The Caban Service Providers themselves are still going to the process of establishing themselves as businesses.  


The second round of funding was used to build a portfolio of business that would go through the Caban Entrepreneurship Programme. This process took two years to complete. We now have interests in a whole range of companies from technology, renewable energies and manufacturing.  During this period we formed our Holding company, Caban Capital PLC and our UK operational company, Caban Investments UK Limited. Our UK operation started similarly in building capacity to enable us to roll out our business model that was developed in South Africa.


The establishment of Caban Capital PLC has enabled the group to access foreign capital. The UK is an established Venture Capital market and there is a strong appetite to invest in emerging economies such as our country.


What Next 


The next chapter of our entrepreneurial journey has started already. Our third round of capital will be achieved through the listing of our company onto the Channel Islands Securities Exchange. This will fully capitalise both the South African and European operations.  


We are in the process of acquiring a Guernsey registered fund that will be called The Caban Fund. This fund will be utilised to fully capitalise our portfolio and will assist in capitalising the various incubators that we are putting in place. By the end of the year we will be involved in three fully operational incubators. 


And the Future?


It has not been an easy journey for us. Even now we sometimes have to go through the pain as entrepreneurs do. The Cabanites are fully committed to changing the entrepreneurship landscape of our country and abroad. Our passion stems from the simple fact that private enterprise must drive the process of addressing the social ills of our country. That can only be done through the creation of jobs. That in turn, can only be done by assisting entrepreneurs. To be sustainable, there must be a strong profit motive. Cabanites: entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs. Join our journey, make a difference. 


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