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Do you ever stop to consider the reason you do things? Most of us lead lives that are routine. We get up, shower, prepare our kids for school, go to work, come home and make dinner, wash the plates, watch a bit of TV and then go to bed. All this is repeated daily. But to what end? 


On weekends we have a few drinks with friends, complain the status quo of the country, complain about money, about our partners, kids, etc. We feel content with the fact that we were able to express our feelings to people that are prepared to listed, who probably share the same narrative. More often than not we tend to surround with people that will sympathise with our status quo. But the reality is that we are not happy with our circumstances and yet we just carry on relentlessly with a seemly unfulfilled life.  When we turn 70, we say, “If only I tried to change things, but now it's too late”.


Some of us turn to religion on the hope that God will listen to our problems and will systematically change the fabric of the Universe to change the negative sentiment you have to positive action. The truth is that you're the master of your own destiny. You have to change your negative sentiment before the Universe changes your circumstances. 


We are in partnership with Simon Ekin, Teacher of Courage, to make a difference in people's lives. Together with him we have come up with the D.A.R.E. concept. The concept is as follows: It all starts with a Decision to change your circumstances. You have to take that first step. After a Decision you have to take Action. It is pointless to make a Decision to change something in your life if you take Action. After the Action of your Decision you achieve a Result, be it good or bad. You Evaluate your result and if not happy you D.A.R.E. again. 


For instance you're not happy with your income you state publicly that you will change this situation. If you're employed you make a Decision that you will ask for a raise. It takes great courage to take this first step. Your Action on the Decision is to go to your boss and asking for a raise. The Result is either yes or no. You Evaluate your Result. If yes, you have achieved your objective. If no, you start again. Because you have publicly declared that you want to increase your income, the Universe conspires to open doors for it to be aligned with your objective. Therefore you make a Decision to change your job, one that will pay more. Your Action is to start going to interviews. You get the picture?


We make it sound simplistic and that’s because it actually is. The hardest part is believing in the process. If your attitude is, “well I have nothing to lose by trying", you are going be trying for a very long time. If your attitude is, “I am passionately going to put this into practise", you will see a difference. But one has to start with a change in attitude. Negativity produces nothing. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before he produced the light bulb. One wonders where we would be if he had given up after 1 000 attempts. Success it attributable to the belief in doing something and seeing it to the end, relentlessly. 


Come to one of The Art of Courage Experiences. If you want more details visit www.simonekin.com/attend-an-event where you can book on line. You can read more about D.A.R.E. here.


Come on, I D.A.R.E. you to change your circumstances! 


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