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The power of sharing experiences #first365

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Wednesday 21 September saw the launch of the inaugural First365 event which is Riaan Fourie's brainchild. The event is produced by Always Creative, a subsidiary of Ceiba (the Caban Groups marketing and creative industries company). 


The concept is a simple but powerful one, young entrepreneurs sharing their first years’ experience as an entrepreneur – their first 365 days. Eight impressive speakers were assembled from various back grounds. The event was well attended and even trended on Twitter in Cape Town. Most of the attendees were entrepreneurs themselves and the reason for this is clear. We as entrepreneurs go through troubled times and it is important to understand that we are not alone. To hear successful entrepreneurs share their stories of how they overcame their first year is not only helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs as it gives them valuable tools on how to overcome obstacles, but it also inspires existing entrepreneurs encouraging them to continue with their journey.


There was a common theme amongst all eight. It is tough! There are no easy rides and it takes dedication, tenacity and passion. Or as I put it, the three "Ps", Passion, Persistence and Patience. All eight persisted with their dream. Sometimes their methods changed along the way but they stayed true to their vision and purpose and they succeeded. 


Another trend was the fact that all eight placed making money as a secondary objective. It was more about making a difference – from changing eating habits, empowering township youth by teaching how to code through to enriching peoples life through photography. When you follow your passion, money will follow you. Don't make the mistake to chase money as a priority.


A common passion amongst the speakers was their willingness to share. The reason for sharing is not only to inspire others, but it also becomes self motivating. It reinforces the philosophy that by sharing, one is assisting fellow entrepreneurs and that feels good. It builds your own energy as you share. It is as if you're plugged into an energy source and your energy levels increase dramatically.  That was self-evident during the event.


There is a mantra that I practise every day.  What you put out there comes back to you. I love this initiative that Riaan has started and I would encourage you to share your journey actively. Don't wait until you're successful. Try it, you will love it and it does make a difference.  


See you at the next event!


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