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Caban's Journey So Far

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The company has grown dramatically over the past six months. We are documenting the progress and would like to share what we’ve achieved so far.

After an acrimonious divorce and another relationship ending, I found myself in a very bleak state in April 2012.  I had lost everything and had no prospects.  I allowed myself to get into that space.   As I write this blog, the memories of that month still are very real.  

My friends were supportive but did not really know where I was at. Something had to change - fast.

On the 1st of May I decided to take charge of my life. I made a conscious decision that I could not carry on with the way things were going.  My good friend, and now business partner, Rolf gave me a book, The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz.  This had a powerful effect on my life.

I started putting the plans together for Caban.  I had been in the Private Equity field before, but wanted to do things differently.  I wanted to help entrepreneurs by providing them with services and assist in raising capital, instead of just investing in companies.


In September, without any Capital, I went to investors that I knew and raised the first seed capital for the company. The seed capital was enough to start implementing my plans. John, a good friend, invested R600,000.00. That helped to get the momentum going. It was at this stage that I started approaching people I knew to become Service providers.

Judy was at a crossroads in her life in October. I shared my vision of Caban with her. She immediately saw the potential and came on board.  Similarly, Mark from Move Media came on board in November.

By the end of November, I had the core Service Providers on board to launch the company.

In January 2013, we launched the Facebook page and Website. The response was phenomenal, in particular our Facebook page.

That triggered Kay Inkster to come on board with the Ambassador programme.

During February we concluded a deal with Ben Botes that brought SA Investors Network on board, which represents over 6,000 Angel Investors. This transaction gave us the ability to raise capital on behalf of clients.

The company also launched United Energy Group (Pty) Ltd, our renewable energy company. Rolf brought his revolutionary wind turbine on board which will be officially launched next year.

Caban Service providers officially kicked off on 1st March 2013, including TBL Accounting, our own accounting practice.

At this stage the Group consisted of 8 companies.

At the end of March, we had the second round of funding secured. Two new investors, Lindsey Hughes and Kevin Gaskell, came on board through TBL Capital.  Both are successful entrepreneurs and we are very privileged to have such a high calibre of mentorship available.

In parallel to this, our listing countdown commenced and Caban’s Service Providers showed profit.

At the beginning of April, we secured our first fully-fledged client, LifeStraw.  LifeStraw is a product that addresses the water issues in our country.

Our share price has gone from 2 cents, to 5 cents, and now it’s at 8 cents.

In May, Caban will start an initiative that is a first in South Africa and is totally revolutionary.

As the song goes ”we’ve only just begun”.  Watch this space.                  

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