With the formation of Caban Capital PLC we will no longer raise money for Caban Investments Ltd and have thus closed the share registry. Funds will be advanced through Caban Capital Plc in the form of a soft shareholders loan to develop Caban Investments Ltd further. The result of that is capital available for expansion without the dilution of the share. Therefore a prospectus for Caban Investments Ltd is not necessary. We have previously stated that  a prospectus will be issued 8 months after September 2013 which would have been May 2014. 


Furthermore, Caban Investments PLC has made a lucrative offer to swap Caban Investment shares for Caban Capital Plc shares. Please follow the link to read more on this - http://www.caban.co.za/caban/news/item/94-offer-to-caban-investments-limited-shareholders. With Caban Capital Plc listing on AIM of the London Stock Exchange, Caban Investment Ltd shareholders will be able to trade with the majority of their holding, thereby negating the need for a specific OTC platform. 


The listing of Caban Investments Ltd remains scheduled for 2017. 


Please contact our offices if further clarification is required on +2721 683 2425 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Joint-CEO’s of Caban Capital Plc, Messrs Ben Botes and David Romero, in association with the South African Chamber of Commerce, are hosting an informative evening centred on the development of entrepreneurs in South Africa at the Imperial College in London, United Kingdom.


The theme for the evening is the “Investment Climate in South Africa post-election”. There will also be a presentation on the upcoming listing of Caban Capital Plc on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange.


Among the confirmed attendees for this event are the recently appointed Counsellor (Economic) Ms Thobile Mazibuko and Mr James Baillie Marketing Officer for Investment Promotion from the South African High Commission.


They will be available for a meet and greet session during the networking session.




Mr Ben Botes, Joint-CEO, Caban Capital Plc
TOPIC: The role of incubators in accelerating entrepreneurship in South Africa


Mr Dave Romero, Joint-CEO, Caban Capital Plc
TOPIC: Entrepreneurship in SA post-election: An outline of opportunities


Drinks and canapés will be served. Nearest tube is South Kensington station.


You can find out more and book your seat via Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/investing-in-south-africa-hosted-by-caban-capital-tickets-11846452057


About Caban

Caban’s core focus is on accelerating entrepreneurship in South Africa through providing all the services that a business require (accounting and legal, corporate identities, marketing and websites through to sales) to be successful and sustainable on credit and at their risk. The Caban business model is revolutionary, scalable and decidedly not complicated to implement.


In return for the risk Caban takes a stake in the business. The business owner is only required to pay for the services provided once the business is profitable. Caban’s exit strategy is through either a management buyout, public listing or by bringing on board another investor to further grow the company.


To date Caban has had a number of successes and the business model has been well received internationally and locally.


To RSVP contact Ben Botes on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +44 7725 000 749

Following from some of our blogs on what it feels like to go through the entrepreneurial journey (22 April and 29 April) I want to share what I personally go through. This is shared by most entrepreneurs.

You do all the motivational stuff, such as being grateful for what you have, be in positive frame of mind, carry on regardless of adversity and realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But sometimes it just gets too much. Sometimes you wake up and think to yourself, “I have to make things happen but I just feel drained, emotionally and physically”. You don’t want to show it because you’re afraid to show any signs of weakness. At that point you don’t want people to give you a pep talk, a “don’t worry everything will be fine” rap. You want to be left alone, you just want to be.

When you feel like this, what do you do? Here is my advice. Sometimes it is fine just to let yourself go into that feeling. It’s fine to feel the pressure, the fear, the anxiety. We are all human and it is impossible to always feel positive and motivated.

You don’t have to feel guilty for feeling down, it’s not a sin. Be conscious of the fact that you’re feeling that way and make a decision that you will get out of state within a day. Do not allow yourself to carry on with such feeling for longer than a day. If you let yourself go, be conscious that by the next morning you will out of that feeling. If you let it persist for more than 24 hours you have a problem and it’s time to communicate with your mentor.

I look back at my ups and downs. The lows have been quite hectic, but the highs have superseded my expectations. I know that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. But of late, things have gone spectacular well. On 1 of May 2012 I made a decision to start again with no capital, no income and no assets. 


16 May 2014 will remembered as the day a nominated advisor (NOMAD) said they will back our listing of our company on AIM of the London Stock Exchange. This particular NOMAD is one of the largest. This feeling I felt back in 1997 when I listed my first company. The feeling is overwhelming. This is huge for Caban due to the fact that we will be able to assist many more entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we are proving that it is a profitable business to back entrepreneurs. The more entrepreneurs we back, the more jobs are created and unemployment is reduced with a resulting drop in crime. We are currently working on initiatives that will create thousands of jobs. We are humbled by this opportunity.

So sometimes you will feel down and that is OK. But remember, when it turns it normally turns in a positive way that turns your life around. You just have to keep at it, all the time. One day at a time, because eventually it does turn.

As Paulo Coelho states, “Wear your scars of life as medals”.

Cabanites, making a difference one day at a time.


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