With the formation of Caban Capital PLC we will no longer raise money for Caban Investments Ltd and have thus closed the share registry. Funds will be advanced through Caban Capital Plc in the form of a soft shareholders loan to develop Caban Investments Ltd further. The result of that is capital available for expansion without the dilution of the share. Therefore a prospectus for Caban Investments Ltd is not necessary. We have previously stated that  a prospectus will be issued 8 months after September 2013 which would have been May 2014. 


Furthermore, Caban Investments PLC has made a lucrative offer to swap Caban Investment shares for Caban Capital Plc shares. Please follow the link to read more on this - http://www.caban.co.za/caban/news/item/94-offer-to-caban-investments-limited-shareholders. With Caban Capital Plc listing on AIM of the London Stock Exchange, Caban Investment Ltd shareholders will be able to trade with the majority of their holding, thereby negating the need for a specific OTC platform. 


The listing of Caban Investments Ltd remains scheduled for 2017. 


Please contact our offices if further clarification is required on +2721 683 2425 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Caban Group of Companies are proud to announce that Advocate Chris Chrystal (BA LLB LLM DIP MAR LAW) has been nominated as our Group Executive Chairman. Due to Caban Capital PLC applying for a listing on the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, his nomination has to be approved by the company’s nominated advisor (NOMAD). The primary responsibility of a NOMAD is to help a new company in its admission to the AIM.

Adv Chrystal will be responsible for the Group’s corporate governance and compliance. He has extensive experience in corporate finance, a key skill that is required in a company such as Caban. He will be assisting the Group CEO in the London listing. Furthermore, he will work with the Group CEO in the company’s deal making utilizing Adv. Chrystal extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions. 

Below is a summary of his biography;

Born and schooled on the East Rand of Johannesburg he entered the University Of Natal in 1982, where he read for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws (Shipping and International Commerce) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Law.

He completed articles of clerkship with Law Firm Shepstone & Wylie and started practice as an Advocate in 1992 at the Natal Bar, practising as a commercial practitioner. In 2005 he joined an engineering/mining house as their general legal counsel/adviser, providing a broad range of advice to the executive and business units, encompassing all aspects of business, including financing matters. 

Adv. Chrystal has travelled extensively on business, notably in Africa, and is well versed in highly regulated industries and have dealt with commercial matters, including contracts, due diligence's to closing, listings, and governance in the multinational field and across different legal jurisdictions. 

In addition, he has sat on boards of companies and has acted in fiduciary capacities over the last 20 years. He has also sat as a Referee in the High Court, Exercising its Admiralty Jurisdiction, on a Section 5 (3) of Act 105 of 1983 appointment.   


For further information contact Dave Romero on 021 683 2425 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You can also engage with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I often read suggestions on how to make a success of a business. It is very encouraging to see sound advice given to entrepreneurs but very few touch on the human element of a business. There is a lot of information on what attributes an entrepreneur should have but what about business relationships?

Business is much more than a vision and mission statement. A business plan is crucial to the survival of a business but what about the human element – and I don’t just mean human resources? The collective energy of a business will determine whether it will be successful or not. This energy is derived from all the individuals involved in the business.

In my previous blog I mentioned that you have to chose your business relationships carefully and certain suggestions were made to assist in this process. You have to be able to like your active business partners. You will probably be spending more time with your business partners than with your life partner, so how can you spend time with people you don’t like? It’s impossible, eventually something will give.

I often hear from clients that their business partners are efficient, but they don’t get on. That kind of business relationship will not last. I am not for one moment suggesting that you have to be friends with your business partners but I do believe that you have to like them. You have to be able to trust and understand them. “Unity is strength” is such a strong saying and it is highly applicable in business.

If everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction you create strong energy that makes things happen. People want to deal with businesses that have a strong team and are unified. How often have you walked into business premises and felt a certain level of “heaviness”? You just want to get out of there. But a strong positive environment not only attracts customers but also the right staff.

When choosing staff for your business, not only do you have to consider their respective qualifications, but also whether the individual will fit into the business culture that has been created.  Will the individual add to the energy or be disruptive to the culture. These are critical questions that could have dramatic impact on the business.

How are your current staff members being treated? Are they just numbers or are they being treated as individuals? Do you bombard them with strict corporate governance rules and regulations that install fear in them or do they have freedom to come up with ideas that benefit the business and are rewarded for their initiative? Do you encourage entrepreneurial thinking within your business? More importantly, are they happy? Do you know when their birthdays, when their anniversary is and how many kids they have? Do you take a genuine interest your people?

Any person that is appreciated and feels that their ideas are taken seriously will be more productive as opposed to a person that needs permission to go to the bathroom. Are good ideas rewarded and acknowledged? If you analyse the most successful companies in the world you will see how they treat their employees. There is a strong correlation between the two. One should treat staff properly not because it makes good business sense but because you want to.

Therefore when you put your budgets and yearly strategies in place, the most important document you prepare should be a “business relationships strategic plan”. This document can break or make your company and should be evaluated quarterly together with your budget and business plan review. If you need some guidance on this contact me, I’ll gladly help.

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