It has been a while since our last newsletter. Over the period some significant milestones have been achieved which are detailed in this newsletter. The Caban Group is growing at a fast pace. This growth puts us in a better position to fulfil our stated commitment to assisting entrepreneurs.

BBBEE Competition

Our BBBEE Competition was finalised early as there was a clear winner. The team based in the North, officially now known as Investure (Pty) Ltd,  which was declared Caban’s BBBEE transactional partner in October last year. The South team were the runners-up and are now known as Diversified Investment Group (Pty) Ltd. Both companies are now active businesses.

Further, Investure has acquired two interests in their role as our transactional partners:


  • 26.1 % of LifeStraw CSI (Pty) Ltd
  • 26.1% of United Renewable Energy Group (Pty) Ltd

As a result of the competition, the members of Investure asked us if they could be our Gauteng representatives. The intention was always to have representation in Gauteng and after due consideration, TBL Capital Gauteng (Pty) Ltd was established as a joint company equally held by the Caban Group and the members of Investure. Dylan James Media Gauteng (Pty) Ltd, also as a joint venture, is in the process of being launched. Dylan James Media Gauteng’s first project is a charity calendar of art donated by the legendary Prof. Kirendra Thathiah, entitled “Remembering the Great Baobab”. More information on this will be available shortly.

Service Providers

We have restructured the holding within the group of the three main service providers. Caban Investments Ltd now holds 51% of each service provider which are run as subsidiaries.


  • TBL Capital (Ltd) Pty – Financial Services Cluster;
  • Dylan James Media (Pty) Ltd – Creative Cluster;
  • Caban Enterprises (Pty) Ltd – Sales and Marketing Cluster.

This streamlines the group and allows us to focus on the key areas of entrepreneurship development. Within the three main clusters there are a range of services that are detailed on our website. As per our business model, these services are provided on credit to the businesses that successfully apply. The entrepreneur only pays for the services once the company is showing profits. For the risk, Caban Investments Ltd acquires shares in the company.

Caban Enterprises

A business’ survival is squarely linked to its ability to sell its product or service. Recognising that not all business owners are specialist sales professionals, the Caban Investments Ltd executive team decided to establish a business that focusses solely on selling. The establishment of Caban Enterprises, headed up by sales veteran Tony Malek in the role of Sales Director, strengthens the groups’ offerings and adds massive value to the group.
Caban Enterprises will be further expanded during the course of the year and will be a significant contributor to Caban’s profits.

Caban’s Investments

Caban Investments Ltd, as a result of its business model, has shares in the following companies:


  • 40 % - United Renewable Energy Group (Pty) Ltd
  • 25 % - LifeStraw (Pty) Ltd
  • 40 % - Investure (Pty) Ltd
  • 40 % - Diversified Investment Group (Pty) Ltd
  • 25 % - OG Safety (A Close Corporation in the process of being converted into a private company)

A range of services have been provided to the above companies. The next phase is to have them fully capitalised by the end of April 2014. Particulars of the various companies can be obtained through the company website.


We are proud to announce that Jared Pillai has joined the group as an Ambassador. Jared is a serial entrepreneur, an eccentric, fast-paced marketing professional, advisor to emerging companies, a speaker on entrepreneurship, marketing, social media and product development, founder of Million Baby, inventor of TodPod and is passionate about Innovation, web technology and startups.

A runner up in season 2 of the Big Break Legacy reality TV show and a national finalist in the 2013 step-up technology innovation awards, he is also the founder of @PreneursUnite movement which is about creating a global entrepreneurial society bringing entrepreneurs together in promoting entrepreneurship via networking events locally and soon globally.

Jared adds great value and is passionate about making a difference to local and international entrepreneurs. We welcome Jared to the team!


The company has appointed the following new directors over the period:


  • Mark van Hoff

Their bios are reflected on our website. The board now consist of 5 members. We are currently seeking a suitable Chairman for the company.

UK Operations

Two new companies were established in United Kingdom. Caban Capital Plc has been established as the Group’s holding company and will be listed on the AIM sector of the London Stock Exchange. The purpose is to raise capital in a regulated environment to be partly invested in emerging economies through Caban Investments Ltd in South Africa.

Caban Investments UK Limited has also been established. This company will replicate in the UK the successful business model that we are currently rolling out in South Africa. 

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