The underlying principles of the Caban Group of Companies is to create jobs through the development of sustainable businesses and to support and/or develop innovative technological solutions to current issues through the Caban Entrepreneur Programme.

We are proud to announce the inclusion of four new companies in the programme. They are;

You can read more about each company below.



Jelpr (Pty) Ltd is a development company that is working towards solving future problems today, by turning innovative ideas into mobile applications that have the potential to change South Africa and the world at large. Jelpr is the company’s first big project, and we strongly believe that it is the only solution that can help alleviate unemployment in this country.

Jelpr is a UNIQUE mobile application that helps people to find small tasks on a regular basis. Users have the ability to choose the intensity of their employment and the level of income they want to earn.

Jelpr also allows business owners to have a mobile driven solution to manage their staff compliments in a social networking manner. This brings familiarity of a social platform and productivity measuring together. There are currently NO COMPETITORS in this space. Competitors however exist in the longer term or temporary job markets as well as in the project management space. Jelpr is unique in both these markets.

Million Baby (PTY) LTD

Million Baby is passionate about innovation and making vibrant products that are exciting, trendy, creative, fun and up to date for your baby and toddler. They seriously do their best to provide entertaining and engaging products that complement your baby or toddler’s development and lifestyle as well as making parents lives simpler and easier.

Jared Pillai who is the CEO of Million Baby co-founded the company with his brother Joshua Pillai back in 2011 when they saw the potential of the TodPod and a gap in the market for innovative toddler products. Jared was the runner up in the 2013 edition of The Big Break Legacy.

The TodPod is a 3 in 1 multi-functional toddler bag that serves as a bag, table and hair. The TodPod converts into a kid’s personal play station that can be taken anywhere and used for a variety of multi-functional purposes such as playing, eating, writing, sitting and drawing.

halcyon DAZE (Pty) Ltd trading as Mother City Comics Digital

A Digital Communications Enterprise with SUPERHEROIC tendencies!

MOTHER CITY COMICS DIGITAL (MCCD) has strategically positioned itself in the ICT sector to service a never ending need in translating what companies/organisations/brands are about, both internally (e.g. employees, shareholders) as well as externally (e.g. clients, the general public).

With this end in mind, MCCD is not only able to deliver a High Impact Visual Experience, but to affect real change in our communities and country, through our evocative and uniquely compelling Illustrative Design Storytelling.

MCCD, allow them to tell your story.

Crocker Publishing (Pty) Ltd

Crocker Publishing are the publishers of life coach, author, professional speaker and teacher of courage Simon Ekin's first book - The Art of Courage. 

In 1999 Simon got on a bus in London. By the time he got off that bus 10 minutes later, his life had changed forever. What happened lead him to being called a ‘teacher of courage.’

His mission is to inspire, teach and train entrepreneurs in the art of living courageous and extraordinary lives.

He was trained at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a British Army Officer. Since then he has been championing the cause of courage – what he believes to be the most important of all virtues. Whether it be cycling the length of Africa or relentlessly and consistently confronting his own fears of judgment and ridicule by speaking - uninvited - to groups of strangers.

What he has learnt has been extraordinary. He share those lessons in his book.

All that he does hinges on story-telling, yours and his. His own story of how he broke through fear and discovered how to use fear as an extraordinary opportunity for courageous and decisive action should inspire you to live your life – powerfully and courageously.

When choosing mentors, business partners or equity partners one has to choose carefully. Initially while you’re going through the ”honeymoon period”, all is well. These relationships are truly tested when things don’t go according to plan. It’s human nature to start doubting when things go wrong. It’s very seldom that you find total business commitment. More often than not these relationships are conditional.

So what should one look for when entering into business relationship? The following points are great guidelines and are generally easy to do.


  • See how the person treats their friends and family. What is the relationship with their kids and life partners like?
  • Get references. Talk to people that have interacted with them on a business and personal level;
  • Observe how they perform under pressure. How do they conduct themselves when the heat is on?
  • See how they treat people from whom they have nothing to gain. The waitress that’s trying hard but keeps making mistakes, or the person that just cut them off in rush hour traffic!

Why is all of the above important you ask? The answer to this is very simple. The way they treat the above people is a reflection on how you will be treated. Business, like all other aspects of life, is not all about the money. When it comes to business relationships, if your intuition says no but you still want to do the deal because you need the money; walk away. It does not matter how desperate you are. In the long run, you will lose.

And remember, if somebody states that “it’s just business” they will probably not care about you or your business and are quite likely just in it for the profits. Business is about so much more than just money. Business consists of people and their well being is important for the success of any business. Therefore it can’t be “just business”.

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