You have a great idea and have decided to become an entrepreneur. You have put together a detailed business plan and now you start the journey of raising capital. Believe me, it’s a journey. It requires self-belief and a huge amounts of tenacity. You will knock on VC’s doors and most of the time they will not be interested. A normal response from a VC is to suggest that you get something going first and then come talk to them. You become discouraged and before long you give up.

This is the normal process. We at Caban believe in doing things differently. We assist in all aspects of the business to make your company a success. We do this at our risk. We even get your sales going. After going through our financial, creative and sales clusters, you have an active business that is packaged for investors to participate. Once we are comfortable that the company is ready, we assist you in finding investors.

The first investors should be your family and friends. That always encourages external investors. If your family and friends cannot be persuaded, then it makes it more difficult for external investors to participate.

Investors look at the individual when assessing the possibility of making an investment. Passion sells, period. If you’re not passionate about your business, it won’t inspire investors.

Finally, never give up! We need entrepreneurs in our country. Through entrepreneurship we will create jobs, increase employment which will reduce poverty and crime. This is the most viable solution.  It is not up to government to create jobs. They should create the structures to facilitate the process.

So start the journey, we need more entrepreneurs!

Dave Romero
Group CEO
Caban Investments

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