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We welcome Bongani Mthombeni-Möller as the latest Caban Ambassador

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Bongani Mthombeni-Möller is an entrepreneur, primarily active in the energy sector. She has been involved in a number of engineering projects, ranging from Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas (the Petrochemical Industry) and Nuclear Engineering. Bongani has a chemical engineering and project management background with experience directing and managing projects that have required a strategic combination of: 


  • stakeholder engagement, 
  • project development, 
  • engineering design, 
  • process engineering, 
  • modelling & optimization, and 
  • financial viability. 


She has worked in the Oil & Gas sector and has an in-depth understanding of the hydrocarbon industry and petroleum market value-chain. 


With the changing energy trends with a focus on more renewable technologies, Bongani has been involved in a number of projects that have focused on converting waste to two of the most needed commodities globally (energy and fuel). The projects have a strategic focus on ‘ticking all the right boxes”, by:


  • implementing the necessary engineering capability and technology with excellence,
  • securing the required feedstock for a sustainable period (by implementing stakeholder engagement strategies for both public and private sectors)
  • negotiating and securing sustainable end-product offtake agreement. 


Through understanding the fundamental and core process engineering affiliated with these processes, Mthombeni-Möller can effectively perform a management role in ensuring that the end-objectives are realized effectively and thoroughly. 


After completion of her Masters in Chemical Engineering, Bongani spent time working on the PetroSA refinery on a consulting project. This birthed her interest and involvement in Engineering consulting. She operated independently as a process modelling and optimization specialist, offering her services in the hydrocarbon and water desalination technology sectors. She became Managing Director and majority shareholder of INTENS Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd in 2011. The entity was initially formed to provide ESKOM Koeberg Power Station with engineering support in partnership with the French company Atem. Through Bongani’s involvement, the business offerings and engineering capability has increased to include both the oil & gas sectors and renewable energy sector.


Bongani is passionate about people and targets the execution of projects that have, in addition to financial viability and engineering execution, the potential to contribute to social upliftment and social development. She is particularly passionate about youth development, and is actively involved in education and empowerment initiatives to encourage & contribute to the reinstatement of integrity in communities. She addresses at a number of Women in Engineering Conferences annually, whose delegates range from matriculants interested in studying engineering to professionals interested in Engineering Consulting. “ I believe that every single one of us, has the responsibility to impart knowledge and lessons learnt through experience, to those who are walking the same road that we once walked. So that we can minimize the obstacles that our younger counterparts have to face,” says Bongani.


Bongani Mthombeni-Möller is an outgoing, driven and determined entrepreneur with a zest for life. Her interests, apart from business, include music (she’s a musician too), fine dining and motor sport. 

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