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Qinisanani Investments Ltd launched to assist Khayelitsha based entrepreneurs

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We are proud to announce the official launch of Qinisanani Investments Ltd. Qinisanani focusses on developing entrepreneurs in the Khayelitsha township in Cape Town, South Africa.


In partnership with leading Khayelitsha based entrepreneur Mzukisi Lembeni, Qinisanani assists kasi (township) entrepreneurs who need business support and mentorship in order to establish and grow their enterprises. The meaning of Qinisanani is: 

  • To strengthen each other 
  • To help each other, to grow each other
  • To be pillars of strength for each other


Qinisanani Investments emulates Caban’s business model, in providing a host of services for Khayelitsha entrepreneurs. These services include business support, accounting, mentoring, websites, social media, assistance in opening markets and the provision of capital. 


With the launch of the Qinisanani Entrepreneurs Development Programme on Saturday, July 19 2014 at Look Out Hill, Khayelitsha we interviewed and later selected our first group of entrepreneurs that will be provided with these services.  


The Caban service providers will provide the initial support. Through mentorship, the joint venture will develop its own capacity. The Caban Service providers will embark on a campaign to train and mentor individuals that will eventually be the service providers in the joint venture.  


The first group of entrepreneurs have been selected and we are now in the process of analysing there needs, developing business plans and ensuring that all businesses comply with statutory requirements.The selected businesses are:


Litha Co-operative


Litha Primary Co-operative is sewing co-operate that was formed 2010 march with the support of A.S.B. A.S.B has a relationship with township patterns cc which is the major customer to the co-operative. Township patterns makes consistent orders of ECO friendly bags in the disadvantage communities around Cape Town.


Litha Co-operative employ 9 dedicated ladies whom all are members of the co-operative some of these ladies come from sewing industry and were retrenched and other come from different work around the Western Cape.


In the last 3 years Litha Co-operative has been exclusively producing shopping bags and conference bags for township patterns cc and has that time gained confidence in the quality of their production output and also gained a good reputation through their customer who further markets and sells the bags to renowned local and export retailers and customers.


Click here to find out more.


Yakanani Fresh Foods


Busisiwe Madyolo, the founder and owner of Yakhanani Fresh Foods, is a 36 year old lady who hails from Engcobo, (Mthatha) in the Eastern Cape. She is one of six siblings and was raised by a single mother. Her mother owns a grocery and hardware store and she assisted her mother in the shop since childhood where her entrepreneurial flair developed. She completed her formal schooling although she failed her Matriculation examination. She is a single mother of three children aged nine, six and four.


From young adulthood, Busisiwe was keenly aware of her cooking and baking abilities. lt was a natural choice to start a business that entailed cooking and selling food items to school children and the community. Yakhanani was started four years ago but it was only a year and a half ago that Busisiwe became fully committed to the business. Busisiwe recognised that she lacked the basic skills in running a business and enrolled for three different courses in an endeavour to improve her business acumen. She has completed the following courses: Business Management & Financial Literacy (through the Thuthuwa Foundation), Managing Money and How to Win Sales (both courses were done through the Business Place).


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Lebutho Uniform Manufactures


Lebutho uniform manufactures cc was founded in 2007 by Beauty Nodada. The company manufactures uniforms for nurses, schools, churches and community organisations.


From a young age Beauty had a passion for designing clothes and sewing. During her high school years Beauty was known as the ‘needle work girl’ by her community.


The huge demand for nurse and school uniforms in Khayelitsha was one of the main reasons that prompted her to start her own business.  She advanced her business skills through the Triple Trust Organisation. Since 2007 she has been running her business successfully and established clientele in areas such as Worcester and Strand. 


Her aim is to expand her business and also have a manufacturing factory in Khayelitsha that will be responsible for the production of uniforms.


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Bibo Creation


Bibo Creations was started by Bongiwe Kulu on February 4th 2014. Bongiwe started her company to make a difference in her life and that of her community. Like other entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha or any other township; Bongiwe’s decision to start her own business was based on her observation of how people in her community struggle to get access to basic resources. 


Bibo Creations manufactures and supplies affordable uniforms for schools and churches around her area. The company is also committed to community development projects and reducing the crime rate in surrounding communities. 


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Solarnfo Pty Ltd


The project is about generating of power / electricity using the sun (green initiative). This will go about by installation of solar panels in households, commercial buildings, community structures and possible wind turbine, green rolling of trees and small nutritious gardening programs for schools, calling it eco-system.


After conducting a market research, we have found that customers especially households complain about the continuous rise of electricity prices and how does it impacts their pockets. This has had a very significant negative wave (financially) on the middle class and those who reside deep in the informal settlement.


We have also found that most individuals do not really understand the mechanism of going green by solar geysers, heat pumps and solar lighting.


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iQhayiya Arts and Crafts


Iqhayiya Arts and Crafts is a registered co-operative with. The objectives of the co-operative are;


  • To market and supply quality arts and craft market products and services to the market. 
  • To train the members in both technical and management skills.
  • To inform and promote Co-operative concept to the communities.
  • To forge sustainable relationships with both public and private institutions.


The co-cooperative markets and supplys arts and craft outlet products Services to the     public. This may include selling of Beads, township arts, printed T-shirts, recycling and wiring craft, cushions, traditional items.


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