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Atlantis takes Economic Development Into Own Hands

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In South Africa you often hear negative stories coming out of areas such as Atlantis[1]. Gangsterism, drug abuse, unemployment and poverty seem to be the narrative of these communities. While we cannot deny that there are many negative matters to report on, we believe that more must be done to highlight the positive.


Two months ago Caban Investments Ltd was approached by the Atlantis Impact Economic Investment Development Forum (AIEIDF or forum) who currently have over 1 000 signed up members (this number is growing exponentially by the day) and are also the representatives of the four Royal Houses of the Khoisan people. 


The forum has spent a number of years researching available options while simultaneously searching for a partner to assist them in the delivery of their audacious plan. We are proud to announce that the AIEIDF has selected Caban Investments as their corporate advisors to assist them in their aims of creating an economically sustainable and inclusive community


The AIEIDF’s plans include the development of existing rights and indigenous knowledge, exploration of land claims as well as focussing of available government subsidies and grants into areas that can provide sustainable economic development. The AIEIDF, recognising that this approach will not yield results in the short term, are also doing a skills audit of the Atlantis community to unearth both potential and existing entrepreneurs to be assisted in the creation or further development of their businesses.


The history of Atlantis is ultimately the story of its people, responding to their government-built environment in diverse ways and growing in their historical agency even as apartheid structures crumbled. This story challenges any simplistic assessment of the collapse of apartheid. For the people of Atlantis, the end of apartheid has brought freedom and opportunity, but also insecurity and ambivalence, as the plan for Atlantis has largely sunk with the old regime.


The South African team are working closely with the AIEIDF to ensure that all compliance issues are handled and will begin the registration of the various business units and development of business plans on 10 October 2014.


We invite any interested parties to make contact with Dylan James on +2721 683 2425 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


[1] Atlantis is a town in the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality in the Western Cape, South Africa. Atlantis is 40 km (25 mi) north of the Cape Town Central Business District (CBD). It has approximately 210,000 residents.


Board Members of AIEIDF with Dave Romero and Dylan James from Caban Investments Ltd

High density housing built in the 1970’s by the Apartheid government houses the majority of the Atlantis population

Atlantis is a proud community and in certain areas the residents have gone to great lengths to improve their surrounds. Pictured here is the Chair and Lead Negotiator of the AIEIDF along with two residents (centre) with Dave Romero and Dylan James from Caban Investments

Surrounded by dust and dirt you will find oases like these popping up all over Atlantis

The City of Cape Town have formally recognised some of these parks and placed boundary fencing and provided access to water. Everything else, including the maintenance, is done by the nearby residents

The community is doing all it can to improve living conditions. But there is still a lot to be done


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