14 Nov

Update on the Atlantis Impact Economic Investment Development Forum

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As a part of our mandate to assist the Atlantis Impact Economic Investment Development Forum create sustainable businesses in the local community, the Caban Investments team have been visiting the area every second week and advising the Forum Board on the next steps and receiving detailed reports on activities. 


Since the signing of the MOU, the Forum has gone form strength to strength. The original 500 members that were present for the signing ceremony have now swelled to over 7 500 and this number is set to increase in the coming months. The Forum have also engaged successfully with local businesses to secure small contracts. The Forum is also conducting a skills audit of all members which is bringing to the fore the incredible talent that lies within the community and unearthing a large number of existing and potential entrepreneurs.


The Caban team have reviewed the business plans put forward by the Forum and are now in the process of registering the various businesses and securing a factory in which most of these companies will be incubated. The holding company is in the process of being registered and the name and logo of the new company will be announced soon!


We are extremely proud to be associated with this initiative and look forward to growing with the Forum. Read more here.


We invite any interested parties to make contact us on +2721 683 2425 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Board Members of AIEIDF with Dave Romero and Dylan James from Caban Investments Ltd


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