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Atlantis Dream Team

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The Atlantis Dream Team was established to uplift the Atlantis community through creating sustainable jobs and provide services that address the economic and social needs of the community. One of the pressing social needs of Atlantis is the very real need for decent nutrition. The Dream Team assist in this regard through a soup kitchen. The Dream Team is a registered NPO (NPO-023-085).


The project commenced in 2002, operating out of Maggies's garage, when she started feeding 30 people, mostly children. Today she feeds 200 people, three times a week. While this sounds like a large number the reality is that she needs to turn many people away each time as the food runs out.


Their philosophy is as follows:


  • To acknowledge and respect the basic human rights of the people;
  • To maintain the integrity of the community;
  • To acknowledge and support reconstruction and development programmes; and
  • Empowerment of people.

Caban's Involvement


Caban is an active participant of Atlantis Dream Team and the Atlantic Impact Economic Investment Development Forum (AIEID), which is an offshoot of the Atlantis Dream Team. For more information on the AIEID, please follow the link. Our participation is to utilise our skills and the Caban Service Providers to implement a sustainable business model for the Atlantis community, and the Khoisan nation.

Sustainable Model


It is Caban's intention to make this NPO sustainable. In the mean time, it needs support. We have thrown Caban's weight behind this project and would like the assistance from our extensive followers. Besides giving Maggie access to all the Caban Service Providers, we are also assisting the NPO financially.

Mrs Maggie Vaas


As Cabanites, we are moved by Maggie's passion for helping her community. Although of very little means, she smiles consistently and is grateful for what she has. Local business supports her in the provision of cooking gas and basic food products. Her pension is R1 300.00 a month and she gets no government support. Out of this pension, she pays the bond of her house at R500.00 per month.


Her total bond is R25,000.00. From the balance, she supplements the food donations she gets. She is a selfless individual that feeds 200 people three times a week. The fact that she has to turn people away is heartbreaking for her and she is moved to tears when explaining this.  She is a true champion of the people.

What do we want from our supporters


We would like our supporters to contribute food, clothes and cash to the cause. She has also secured land from the council to build a Crèche and Youth Centre. The NPO banking details are as follows:


Banking Details

Atlantis Dream Team

ABSA, Atlantis

Savings Account

Account Number 9118760492


Reference: Caban and your name (So that we can acknowledge your support)


We want to raise enough money to do the following:


  • Provide enough capital to feed 250 people 7 days a week.
  • Obtain new pots;
  • Upgrade her facilities;
  • Pay off the R25,000 bond;
  • Building of Crèche, R72,000;
  • Building of Youth Centre, R170,000;


The above is in order of priority.


Here is an opportunity to make a real difference. Even if its R50,00 we encourage you to assist. We will acknowledge your support. If you would like to contact Maggie directly please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put you in touch with her.


Atlantis Dream Team, ably lead by Maggie Vaas, are extremely diligent in their reporting on funding received. 


You can engage with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn


Maggie Vaas in her converted garage where she feeds 200 people three times a week



Caban Group CEO Dave Romero with Maggie Vaas from Dream Team 

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