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Two innovative companies join the Caban Entrepreneurship Programme

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Entrepreneurs truly are the life blood of South Africa’s economy. A great idea or a new angle on an existing opportunity is all it takes for an entrepreneur to launch a new company and create employment. The last two companies to join the entrepreneurship programme for 2014 are prefect examples of both a great idea and a new angle on an existing opportunity.




FirePipe is a 100% South African invention that was born out of the frustration that come from a braai that just won’t light properly. The FirePipe is a cheap alternative to many fire enhancers and is so basic in design that it is durable and contains no moving parts, thus no stripping gears or breakage from wear and tear.


We will be assisting FirePipe with their marketing strategy, manufacturing and sales. The aim is to get this very useful tool into the hands of the our braaing nation. 


FirePipe was the brainchild of Oupa de Freitas. It started in 1980 on his farm whilst struggling to get the fire going with wet wood, especially in the winter. He devised a plan and made the first FirePipe. The original FirePipe was discovered amongst his belongings shortly after he passed away. A simple idea became the spark of entrepreneurial fire and the team behind FirePipe soon found themselves manufacturing FirePipes for friends and family and eventually the general public. Oupa’s legacy lives on now and we hope you find FirePipe to work as well for you as it did all those years ago.



Kuru Gai Distribution 


Kuru Gai distribute a solar lamp that has been designed and dedicated to primarily provide affordable and renewable energy lighting to impoverished communities, but also to serve the average South African, being of particular use to outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers and campers.


Due to the efficient production and design of the lamp, Kuru Gai can offer a high quality and long lasting solar lamp to the market at less than R90.00. The aims is to reach communities in the most remote places of South Africa and ultimately Africa, where there is no electricity and people are most in need for such a product. 


Their long term objective is to expand the business within the next five years to cover the whole of South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. KuruGai intends to design and import two new products in this period and roll those out extensively with an aim of building up a skilled workforce of approximately 540.


The objective is to provide quality, affordable and highly desired products to impoverished communities that aim to reduce their hardship and facilitate their daily living when preparing their meals. These products aim to do the following:


  • drastically minimise the risk of shack fires.
  • improve the quality of life.
  • providing local employment.
  • providing sustainable, renewable form of energy.
  • benefit the environment.


If you are a merchandiser or buyer and would like to stock either of the above two items (or just want one of these two great products) please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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