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We welcome Samantha Davids as a Caban Ambassador

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Samantha Cogill Davids was born January 16, 1976, in Cape Town, South Africa. The third of four children, she grew up with a strong sense of family and justice for the people. Her father, Michael Andrew Cogill, was a union man who taught her the value of referent power, a game plan and going after what you want. The influence he has had on her has been phenomenal and she has chosen to honour her family name and her dads' memory through her work.


A venture philanthropist and entrepreneur at heart, Sam invests her time carefully in opportunities that not only make business sense, but also serve a higher social impact or purpose. In addition to Cogill Philanthropy, she runs Capricorn Recruits (Pty) Ltd, a niche recruitment firm operating in the social and environmental fields,  specializing in repatriating talent back to SA, female placements and NGO opportunities. She also has interests in the construction and development sector. 


Prior to starting up her own company, Sam spent more than 13 years in the financial services industry with SA’s top asset management companies. She is driven to succeed and has worked her way up from the bottom to the top on more than one occasion, her roles have varied and include client relationship management, operations management, project management and philanthropy management. Throughout her career, she has stood out and excelled, having worked at global corporations like JP Morgan, Shell and State Street, she has continuously been involved in corporate philanthropy and donor management. Sam has long had the approach of resolving social development and environmental issues with more strategic and resourceful solutions. She has accumulated 20 years of expertise and has brought her skills to the table, making her a seasoned all-rounder and a formidable businesswomen.


Sam only considers business ventures that are clearly structured to facilitate positive social impact and her vision for Cogill Philanthropy Management is that the business will help change the way we think about giving and what we give. She is on a mission to swing the pendulum for social enterprises and organizations in SA, providing a framework for beneficiaries of government and society to become economic contributors. Through tangible business services that supports development, she aims to create a thriving enabled sector that can contribute tremendously towards the economy.


Sam has completed the second year of her BBA, after which she will be completing her MBA/MPhil. She continues to play an active role in raising awareness about philanthropy amongst our youth & young entrepreneurs, this is in line with her vision of transforming the sector and she is fast becoming a brand ambassador for philanthropy in South Africa.


We welcome Samantha to the team and look forward to her insight and support with our Community Investment Companies in particular.


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