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Caban launches sustainable energy and low impact living Investment Company

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Why is there an urgent need for sustainability and low impact living? The current gas supply shutdown in Europe harks back to the time of the oil embargoes of the early 1970’s. As demonstrated by these events, the continued non-sustainable “business as usual” model of global governments & power utilities etc., are deliberately ignoring the fragile dependency on non-renewable power generation capacities and perpetuating this non-viable model to the present day. In the South African context, the ongoing focus on fossil fuel power generation, coupled with a slow development of additional non-renewable power generation capacities, have led to the perfect storm of load shedding, bringing with it the very real possibility a national grid collapse at any time.


Presently the SA economy has an immediate need for additional power generation capacities, which cannot be met reliably in the short term by existing power production methods. Further to this factor. there is a real need to reduce the high impact on the environment in the way we do business and to prioritise the conservation of our existing finite resources. This and additional related factors are the primary driving factors for the creation of UREG Investments Ltd.


UREG Investments has been inspired and impassioned by the many great minds from the past to the present, who have challenged the status quo. Business as usual is no longer a viable option for future sustainability. The real challenge for businesses today is to face up squarely to the need for paradigm shifting innovation and novel sustainable business models on an ongoing basis. UREG Investments is passionate about enabling and supporting entrepreneurs to succeed in sustainable business. Passion, ethics and professional commitment encapsulate our value system and the way we do business.


The Company is ably led by a team of highly qualified and experienced individuals. Bongani Mthombeni-Möller, who has a Masters in Chemical Engineering and a project management background, is the CEO of UREG Investments Ltd. She is an established entrepreneur that’s passionate about engineering and has been primarily focused on conducting business in the energy sectors. She is joined by Rolf Seeliger in the role of COO. Rolf is a serial technology innovator & entrepreneur with an extensive background in industrial design, manufacturing, project management and business consulting in various countries. Rolf has Diplomas in Industrial Marketing and Production & Project Management.


Bongani and Rolf will be joined Dave Romero as Deputy Chairman. Dave, the Group CEO of the Caban Group of Companies, is a Professional Accountant with 24 years’ experience in Corporate Finance to grow entrepreneurs. He has successfully listed a number of companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Highlights of his career include being ranked 21st in a Business Times Top 100 Companies and ranked the 40th fastest growing company in South Africa, with investors receiving a 1,800% return over a five year period. Dave is also a director for sustainability of Salesian Life Choices and the South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF).


UREG Investments is being launched with several investments already in place. These include XTEK Systems SA (Pty) Ltd, BioSpace Systems SA (Pty) Ltd, AdCT Advanced ConcreTec (Pty) Ltd, EcoSales (Pty) Ltd, INTENS Renewable Solutions (Pty) Ltd, TransWind (Pty) Ltd and RS Tech. These companies all form an integral part of the global need to achieve real sustainable change.


UREG Investments’ primary focus is to invest in high-growth sustainable opportunities and to maximise returns for shareholders whilst at the same time providing comprehensive service offerings for all business requirements. Whether it’s a small start-ups or larger companies, UREG Investments offers the full spectrum of solutions, services and support. The primary objective of UREG Investments is to provide a client focused range of solutions, aimed specifically at this vital emerging and high growth sector.


UREG Investments Ltd is a subsidiary of Caban Investments Ltd. Visit www.ureg.co.za for further information.




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