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Leading expert joins UREG Investments management team

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UREG Investments, a subsidiary of Caban investments Ltd, is proud to announce the appointment of Bongani Mthombeni-Möller.


Mrs Mthombeni-Möller is joining the team in the role of CEO. She has a Masters in Chemical Engineering and a project management background. She is an entrepreneur that’s passionate about engineering business, and has been primarily focused on conducting business in the energy sectors.


After completing her Masters’ thesis, titled “Modelling Fischer Tropsch Synthesis in Slurry Reactor Systems”, she consulted on a number of water purification projects as an independent consultant, as well as on modelling the Conversion of Olefins to Distillates” at PetroSA.  After joining INTENS Engineering Solutions, Bongani has been focused on growing the engineering business, by increasing the business offerings to include Renewable Energy and the Oil & Gas sector.


Understanding the changing energy trends, Bongani has developed a strategic business plan focused on more renewable technologies.  A number of the projects have included converting waste to two of the most needed commodities globally (energy and fuel).  The projects have the mandatory and strategic focus on implementing the necessary engineering capability and technology with excellence, securing the required feedstock for a sustainable period (by implementing stakeholder engagement strategies for both public and private sectors), negotiating and securing sustainable end-product off-take agreement, ensuring financial viability and profitability, and developing and implementing strategic and project-specific corporate social investment (CSI) initiatives.


UREG Investments’ primary focus is to invest in high-growth sustainable opportunities and to maximise returns for shareholders while at the same time providing comprehensive service offerings for all business requirements. Whether it’s small start-ups or larger companies, UREG Investments offers the full spectrum of services and support. The primary purpose of UREG Investments is to provide a client focus range of solutions, aimed specifically at this vital emerging sector.


UREG Investments Ltd is a subsidiary of Caban Investments Ltd. Visit www.ureg.co.za for further information.




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