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Entrepreneur Expo and Conference 2015: A Focussed Intervention

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For the first time in 2015 the Entrepreneur Expo and Conference event will be heading to cities around South Africa to inform entrepreneurs not only what products and services are available to them in their area but also showcase what is being successfully done on a national and international level to advance entrepreneurship and deliver content that is regionally localised to maximise the impact on the community in which the event is hosted.


The event in essence mixes the immediate and real needs of local entrepreneurs with best practices and services from the global community. This is achieved through partnerships with grass root support service providers (both public and private), academic institutions, organised business / chambers of commerce, research partners, local branches of big business and the three tiers of government.


This approach ensures that the event is a targeted intervention with tangible immediate results. The Expo is a place where entrepreneurs can get one-on-one free advice from organisations that provide all the services a business needs to run smoothly and sustainably as well as the organisations that provide support and funding. The Conference educates and informs entrepreneurs as to the many possibilities that exist as well as to how they can run their business more profitably and sustainably. Naturally, policies and relevant legislation will also be dealt with.


A business lives or dies on its sales. A key component to the event will be a pitching session where both existing entrepreneurs and those with an idea can pitch to a panel of experienced and hard hitting entrepreneurs who will give solid advice and guidance. The winner will receive mentorship and relevant support to further enhance their business.


Lindiwe Zulu, Minister of Small Business Development, has stated that small businesses should account for 85% of South Africa’s GDP and we are in total agreement. And while entrepreneurship does not equate to small business, it is those that have the entrepreneurial flair that will be leading the charge as South Africa gears up for the small business revolution. The Entrepreneur Expo and Conference is geared to play a part in the upliftment of these entrepreneurs – the life blood of South Africa’s economy.


The formula for delivering this event allows us to either scale up or down depending on the size of the community of entrepreneurs in the catchment zone. If you wish to host an Entrepreneur Expo and Conference in your city please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will initiate a feasibility study.

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