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Atlantis Dream Team: UPDATE

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This last December we issued a call through all our channels to raise support for the Atlantis Dream Team who, at the time, were running a soup kitchen that was feeding 200 people three times a week and was having to turn people away as the food would run out. Our goal was to raise enough funds to enable the Dream Team to be able to feed 250 people seven times a week and not turn anyone away.


This goal was achieved within a week and we are happy to report that this has been maintained for approximately 80% of the first half of the year. This has made a massive difference in the lives of over a thousand people and we would like to thank all that have joined us in supporting the Dream Team. 


The other targets that we set included:


  • Obtain new pots

This is an ongoing need and a donation of large pots and other cooking implements would be sincerely appreciated. 

  • Upgrade her facilities

This is an ongoing process. Some basic improvements have been done.

  • Pay off Maggie Vaas’ (R25 000) bond

No funds have been allocated to this as of yet. All funds raised to date have been used for the operation of the soup kitchen.

  • Building of Crèche (R72 000) and; Building of Youth Centre (R170 000)

There is a large tract of open land across the road from the Atlantis Dream Team, which Maggie and her team maintain, that is owned by the Cape Town City Council. An agreement has been reached with the Council to purchase the land at a nominal fee. Now that the option to purchase land has been secured the next step is to raise the capital to purchase the land and build the crèche and youth centre. 


The Atlantis Dream Team are continuously canvassing for support and have, since 2007, been assisted by the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation of South Africa. This year food parcels, blankets and clothing were distributed to 1 300 families in the Atlantis and Mamre communities. The solid base that the Dream Team has established gives organisations such as the Foundation direct access to those in need and for this we applaud the spirit, passion and tenaciousness of Maggie and her team.


With winter upon us, we are once again asking our partners, clients, friends and followers to support the Atlantis Dream Team financially or by donating food stuffs, clothing, blankets and cooking utensils. Banking details are at the bottom of this post. 


We also invite those that are interested in getting involved 


About the Atlantis Dream Team


The Atlantis Dream Team was established to uplift the Atlantis community through creating sustainable jobs and provide services that address the economic and social needs of the community. One of the pressing social needs of Atlantis is the very real need for decent nutrition. The Dream Team assists in this regard through a soup kitchen. The Dream Team is a registered NPO (NPO-023-085).


The project commenced in 2002, operating out of Maggie Vaas’ garage, when she started feeding 30 people, mostly children. Today she feeds 200 people, three times a week. While this sounds like a large number the reality is that the need is much larger.


Their philosophy is as follows:


•To acknowledge and respect the basic human rights of the people;

•To maintain the integrity of the community;

•To acknowledge and support reconstruction and development programmes; and

•Empowerment of people.


About Maggie Vaas


As Cabanites, we are moved by Maggie's passion for helping her community. Although of very little means, she smiles consistently and is grateful for what she has. Local business supports her in the provision of cooking gas and basic food products. Her pension is R1 300.00 a month and she gets no government support. Out of this pension, she pays the bond of her house of R500.00 per month.


Her total bond is R25 000.00. From the balance, she supplements the food donations she gets. She is a selfless champion of the people.


The NPO banking details are as follows:


Banking Details

Atlantis Dream Team

ABSA, Atlantis

Savings Account

Account Number 9118760492


Reference: Caban and your name (So that we can acknowledge your support). Here is an opportunity to make a real difference. Even if its R50,00 we encourage you to assist. We will acknowledge your support. If you would like to contact Maggie directly please send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we will put you in touch with her.



You can engage with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn


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