21 Jul

Caban Set To Acquire Guernsey Fund

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As recently mentioned in our newsletter, the Caban Group have acquired a fully registered Investment Fund in Guernsey (Variable Pitch Innovation Fund) which will be renamed the “The Caban Fund”. The completion of the acquisition is subject to Guernsey regulator approval. This approval should be obtained by 30 September 2015 at which point the fundraising campaign will commence. 


The purpose of this fund is to raise £20 million for the benefit of the companies in the Caban Entrepreneurship Programme in South Africa and the UK as well as clients of the Global Institute for Advancing Innovation. One of the conditions for the Guernsey regulator to approve Caban Capital Plc as the owner of the fund is to secure the services of a reputable fund manager.


We are proud to announce that Innvotec have agreed to act as fund manager of the Caban Fund. Founded in 1989, Innvotec have over the past 26 years gained unrivalled experience and expertise investing in SME’s and private companies and are recognised as possibly the oldest, independent venture capital firm in the UK. Innvotec is a small authorised UK AIFM "Alternative Investment Fund Manager" regulated by the FCA (FRN: 122365). 


You can read the letter from Innvotec here.


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