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Caban Group welcomes Wade Emmerson as Director (Nominated) of Caban Capital PLC

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The Caban Group of Companies welcome Wade Emmerson as a nominated director of Caban Capital PLC


Wade built up, ran successfully, and then profitably sold, his diversified family transport and travel business, that ended up employing over 400 people across five counties of England. He moved to Guernsey in 1996.


Wade was continuously involved in that business, through school and university. His involvement, from a young age, exposed him to all aspects of its operations, including such hands-on, practical elements as diesel engine maintenance, bus conducting and driving. This broad spectrum of experience provided him with not only an excellent grounding, but also allowing him to acquire a strong sense of perspective, and a deep understanding and appreciation of the many concerns and challenges that face employers and employees alike.


Once on Guernsey, Wade continued to be involved in business, by becoming a Founder Investor in, and President and Chief Executive Officer of, an opencast anthracite mine in PA, USA, gaining extensive, hands-on experience and knowledge of American business and politics at all levels.


Wade can boast several years' valuable, practical C-Suite and Board involvement in various listed and private companies, specialising in such varied areas as mining, transport, logistic, real estate and pathology services. He has effectively been engaged in private equity for many years.


Wade has successfully delivered projects based in Central Asia and in China, where he often had to confront, and conquer, a diverse and complex range of international business, logistical and procedural issues and challenges in difficult, unfamiliar markets and remote, demanding locations.


Wade has learned much from his years of dealing directly, face-to-face, with regulatory bodies, national and local government officials, politicians, business people and diplomats across the world.


Wade offers wide-ranging sectoral and geographic experience and entrepreneurial and investment skills. His experience and exposure to the business world have led him to approach his various activities, with a high degree of preparation, through establishing a deep comprehension of each particular business in which he is involved. Wade will contribute significantly to the diversity of the Caban Board, and his presence will add to the independence, integrity and initiatives in the Boardroom.


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