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The Horses of Atlantis: Saving the Youth

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The Caban team recently met with the leadership of the Atlantis Youth Horse Development cooperative to assess the needs of the cooperative and to find out how we could help. The cooperative represents 55 horse owners in the Atlantis and Mamre communities of Cape Town and has been active for the past 6 years. The aim of the cooperative is to create an organised platform for the horse owners to interact with local government, non-government organisations and other stake holders to achieve the goals of building a suitable stable, receiving proper training as to how to care for their horses as well as gaining access to professional veterinary services at a preferential rate.


Approximately 25 horse owners (and their horses) attended the meeting. Whilst we were expecting to be inundated with requests for everything from feed through to saddles as well as financial assistance what we found was truly heart warm and different to the norm.


The leadership team of the Atlantis Youth Horse Development cooperative consists of a group of young men who have a deep passion for both their horses and the youth of Atlantis. Not once was there a request for financial aid. Rather, they focused on the need for the establishment of safe stables for their horses as the horses are being stolen to be used in criminal activities during which they are usually badly injured.


The primary needs of the cooperative, besides the stables, are training on how best to feed and groom the horses as well as access to subsidised feed and veterinary services. But why should these horse owners receive these services? Why help? The answer is not necessarily what you would think.


The leaders of the cooperative were at pains to explain that one of the driving forces behind them is to use the love of horses as a way to get the kids of Atlantis off the streets and out of the hands of the gangs by teaching them to care for and enjoy the horses. They teach the kids to ride and care for the horses as well take them on trips to the sand dunes, beach and into the open areas around Atlantis. A stand out story from the meeting was when they provided two horses for rides at a local school fete. They raised over R2000 which they donated to the school and they didn't take a cent for themselves. 


We assisted the Atlantis Dream Team and Qei Holdings by producing a series of short clips that showcase the essence of what we are endeavouring to do in Atlantis featuring the people who actually live in Atlantis which has been very well received both locally and in Europe all produced in house by MoveMedia who are also spearheading the equestrian project. MoveMedia were once again on the scene with their cameras rolling to capture the story of the Atlantis horses to the world. 


This is a good news story coming out of South Africa backed by a young community leaders who have the best interest of their local community at heart. These are the people that deserve the support that is so badly needed and we look forward to working with them to holistically develop the community of Atlantis.


If you would like to get involved please email us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - every little bit counts.  


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