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The TODPOD campaign is not only set to make history with this flagship product but poised to break the Indiegogo record for the most funds successfully raised.  


Jared Pillai, founder of Million Baby and Inventor of the TodPod has this to say about his product. “We can measure many things, but the time that families and communities invest in children is invaluable. Giving kids a sense of fitting in, of feeling good about themselves, and giving them the opportunities to succeed will really prepare kids for the life ahead of them.” 


Recent statistics have shown that there are 360,000 births per day, 15,000 births each hour, 250 births each minute, 4 births every second of every  day equates to more than 131.4 million births per year. That means there are twice as many parents all over the world and probably just as many grandparents.


“Our aim is to shatter the $3 million mark—not to mention blazing a path toward a more modern, fun, trendy, comprehensive educational play station for the little ones all over the world to develop a love of learning,” said Jared Pillai.


The campaign aims to not only raise $100 000 thousand but to break the Indiegogo record and raise $3 million to bring TodPod to millions of  households around the globe, but more importantly to bring a sense of ownership and independence to toddlers worldwide.


Jared’s mission is to make affordable only the best quality educational travel and play toys for your baby. They are called toys because they are appealing, fun, entertaining and educational as they are enlightening and engage emotion as well as compliment your child’s development. Your child is enthusiastic and begins to learn effective constructive skills at an early age to quickly develop their basic skills, talents and abilities.


This game-changing campaign would like to break records to fulfil our dream of providing TodPod units free of charge to as many crèches, preschools, day care centres and hospitals in disadvantaged, poverty stricken and rural areas as possible.


We wish the team all the best!

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