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New Ventures Studio at the forefront of creating sustainable new companies

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Caban’s journey with Salesians Life Choices began after our Group CEO, Dave Romero, delivered a speech on creating sustainable NGO’s at a NGO financing summit in 2014. It is a strong and long standing passion of Dave’s that NPOs and NGOs should not be going to the government and corporate SA with their caps in hand asking for funding to continue with the good work that they are doing.


At the core of his speech was the suggestion that the NGO sector should seriously consider using their access to communities and upstanding position they have in society to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive by working with industry experts to create business incubation programmes. Through the application of the Caban business model (or a similar iteration) they would be able to acquire equity in the businesses they incubate and begin to create a pipeline for future income either through the sale of the shares or through a dividend. 


The Caban business model entails the provision of all the services a company needs to get started on credit with the entrepreneur only having to pay back the loan once the company is profitable. For the risk we take a minority stake in the business. Our undertaking is that the entrepreneur has a fully capitalised business after completing the programme. 


After an initial meeting between Salesians Life Choices and Caban Investments, Dave joined the Salesians Life Choices board as a director with a focus on the sustainability of the organisation. There after the initial concept for the New Ventures Studio was forged together. New Ventures Studio is now a profit making partnership made up of young entrepreneurs, Salesian Life Choices and other service providers with the Caban executives assisting with the selection process for each intake. 


One of the entrepreneurs who went through the New Ventures Studios course and who graduated into the incubation phase is Garth Schreiner and his financial services start-up, Denarii. 


At the heart of Denarii’s business model is the reality that small and medium enterprises often can’t afford to appoint a financial specialist. The Denarii team is providing financial management services that are affordable as they are doing it on a part-time basis. Their services are based on an initial diagnostic review, where they come in and look at your systems and then see what is needed and where they can help. They then propose ways to increase profitability, long-term sustainability and growth. Caban will be acquiring a stake in the company and have to date assisted the company with the filming of a promotional video as well as mentorship. You can read more about the company here - www.denarii.co.za - and download the press release here.  


We are very excited about the businesses that are coming through from the New Ventures Studio and look forward to the next round. 


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