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Rewriting the economic reality of South Africa's at risk communities

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The Caban Community Investment Company (CIC) concept stems from the very real and urgent need to create opportunities for those who, most often due to situations that they cannot control, are not able to follow through with their dreams of being an entrepreneur who in turn create job opportunities. 


Over the past two years we have attracted a number of suitable partners. StrandHanson have partnered with us with the Atlantis Dream Team and Qei Holdings, a partnership we are now strengthening. 


At present we already have three CIC’s registered as special purpose vehicles:


This business model is not a CSI programme, rather we believe in creating sustainable solutions for communities utilising proper business principles. The creation of a CIC facilitates this process. It works as follows:


  1. A public unlisted company is formed. Shares in this are held by Caban Investments, local public benefit organisations, investors and the broader community;
  2. Caban Investments provide all the services required to get the company operational
  3. A community engagement process is undertaken where Caban works closely with the local community leadership structures to create a shortlist of potential entrepreneurs and select those suitable for incubation;
  4. The capital raising then begins through which the public unlisted company acquires shares in local business utilising the Caban Entrepreneurship Programme model;
  5. The services to the incubated businesses are provided by local entrepreneurs who themselves join the incubation programme. Caban Investments mentors these entrepreneurs with a view to them being able to fully manage the secondary intake of the incubator. 


The company is formed with a clear mandate to assist a particular community or focus group and the public benefit organisations selected as shareholders are high impact organisations that have a direct upliftment mandate for a particular community. Through the profits of this vehicle, public benefit organisations become self-sustainable, new business are created and funded and communities are uplifted.


Due to the similar requirements of all the Caban Community Investment Companies, it was decided to form Caban CIC (Pty) Ltd as the controlling company. Through Caban CIC the objectives of all three special purpose vehicles and future development is this category will be developed.


To this end we are excited to announce the board of the latest addition to the Caban Group of Companies:


Dr Ruben Richards

Executive Chairman, Caban CIC

Dr Richards featured with Oom Petrus Vaalbooi of the !Khomani-San at the Conference on Cultural Genocide in Cape Town - October 2015

Dr Richards with Oom Petrus Vaalbooi at the Conference on Cultural Genocide in Cape Town - October 2015Aged 56, Ruben qualified as a blue collar tradesman who miraculously navigated his way to the upper echelons of academia, business, civil society, corporate and government in South Africa. He channels his philanthropic energies through the Ruben Richards Foundation – a non-profit organisation – founded in 2012. His Foundation, which was recently visited by Britain’s Prince Harry, is also the recipient of the 2015 Reconciliation Award conferred by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation for its community development work in marginalised and traumatised communities. Ruben is a published author and much sought after public speaker who holds qualifications in mechanical engineering and experience as both a tradesman and CEO of one of South Africa’s largest marine and heavy engineering companies. Ruben has earned post-graduate degrees from Switzerland and the USA, including a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town. 


His overall experience encompasses a wide range of professional disciplines. He has held positions such as visiting Professor (both in South Africa and the USA), Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He served under the leadership of Archbishop Desmond Tutu as the Executive Secretary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa and was Deputy Director-General (DDG) of the now disbanded Scorpions (i.e. South Africa's FBI). Ruben consults to international agencies such as the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a Democratic Governance Consultant on the African continent. 


Ruben holds various directorships in the profit (including publically listed companies) and non-profit sector. He currently serves as President of the South African and Medium Enterprises Federation, President of the Khoisan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is also the former CEO of the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  


Dave Romero

Founder and Director, Caban CIC

 * Mr Romero is featured with #‎Xuu Katrina Esau Matriarch of the Western N//n#e and Elder Simon Paul Louw - February 2016


Dave is the Group CEO of the Caban Group of Companies which he founded to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing a comprehensive service offering to small businesses as risk in return for equity. The success of this model lead to the founding of Caban Capital, the Group Holding company, in the UK through which the business model is being applied internationally. 


A qualified Professional Accountant (SA) with over 28 years’ experience in private equity, Dave’s passion for developing entrepreneurs often takes him out of the boardroom and into the local communities where he can be found offering advice as well as creating innovative solutions to the funding requirements of public benefit organisations. He has over the course of his career helped hundreds of companies to get started. 


Dave also serves on the boards of the following organisations: •South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF) , Salesian Life Choices, The Atlantis Dream Team and the N//n#e Community Development Trust.


Warren Pearce

Director, Caban CIC


Warren is the Managing Director, Strand Hanson South Africa. He completed an honours degree in Business Science at the University of Cape Town before joining Strand Hanson in February 2000.  


Warren provided M&A, Takeover Code and equity financing advice to listed and private companies in the UK before establishing the regional office in South Africa in 2008.  Since 2008, Warren’s role has been focused on developing Strand Hanson’s African presence, including the cultivation of an extensive network of client companies, investors, advisers, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and industry bodies.


Ashely Seymour 

Director, Caban CIC


Ashley, the Group CFO of the Caban Group of Companies, is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) with a number of years’ experience in financial services including Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Private Equity amongst others gained in South Africa and some Southern African countries. He has a developed and astute business acumen with an entrepreneurial flair coupled with experience at senior management and executive level management including recent commercial roles as CEO and Executive Director. 


He also has experience as a non-executive board member including recent roles as Audit Committee and Board Chairperson at the CTICC and has completed a Director Development and Induction Programme presented by KPMG as well as an Audit Committee Training Programme.


Ashley is a member and past member of the following organisations: South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA), Institute of Administration and Commerce (IAC), Association of Black Investment Professionals (ABSIP) and the Institute of Directors (IOD)


In 1995 Ashley started a community based educational project with an NGO called Cape Flats Development Association (CAFDA) whereby he compiled and presented a course on Accountancy leading into computerised accounting systems which was externally examined and accredited by the IAC. Ashley is currently completing the Mphil postgraduate studies at St Augustine College with majors in the fields of Applied Ethics and Theology.


Dylan James

Director, Caban CIC

* Mr James is featured with Oom Petrus Vaalbooi of the !Khomani-San during a community out reach session in the Kalahari - November 2015


Aged 33, Dylan is a respected business development specialist focussing on media and media related industries. He has launched, directed and produced some of the leading business to business events in South Africa with a special focus on skills and leadership development. Other sectors include the medical, tourism, mining and energy industries. He is also a director of the annual Entrepreneur Expo, digital media agency Siempre Media and marketing agency Ceiba. 


A keen volunteer and activist, Dylan’s volunteer work has included one of the largest animal rescue projects, coordination of several elections for a political party and assisting at risk communities accessing government aid. 


Dylan also serves on the boards of the South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF) and the ZF Mgcawu Inclusive Community Economic Development Forum.


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