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Announcement of the Leisure Africa Airlines (Pty) Ltd team

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Following the announcement of the formation of an international leisure company, Leisure Africa Holdings, the Caban Group of Companies are excited to announce the leadership team of Leisure Africa Airlines (Pty) Ltd.


Leisure Africa Holdings will have interests in the following:

  • An international airline;
  • An alliance with a regional airline;
  • A Dubai styled hub in West Africa;
  • A local tourism portal;
  • The provision of structured packages for international tourists;


The new Cabanites, all experts in the sector, are joined by the Caban Group CEO and Group CFO, Dave Romero and Ashley Seymour. 


Introducing the Leisure Africa Airlines (Pty) Ltd team;


Dave Romero 

Board Chairman


Dave founded the Caban Group of Companies to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing a comprehensive service offering to small businesses as risk in return for equity. The success of this model lead to the founding of Caban Capital, the Group Holding company, in the UK through which the business model is being applied internationally. 


A qualified Professional Accountant (SA) with over 28 years’ experience in private equity, Dave’s passion for developing entrepreneurs often takes him out of the boardroom and into the local communities where he can be found offering advice as well as creating innovative solutions to the funding requirements of public benefit organisations. He has over the course of his career helped hundreds of companies to get started. 


Dave also serves on the boards of the following organisations:

•             South African Small and Medium Enterprise Federation (SASMEF) 

•             Salesian Life Choices 

•             The Atlantis Dream Team 

•             N//n#e Community Development Trust 


Joachim Vermooten CA(SA)

Executive Deputy Chairman


Joachim has in excess of 30 years’ experience in the transport sector in Southern Africa. He has extensive experience in aviation having been a major shareholder in Trek Airways and Flitestar. Amongst his extensive qualifications are the following:

  • Doctorate in Commerce. D.Com (Transport Economics) (2004) - airline competition & competition law (in USA, Canada, EU and South Africa). University of Johannesburg 
  • Masters in Commerce. M.Com (Transport Economics) (Cum Laude) (1996), - Air Transport Policy. University of Johannesburg 
  • CA (SA) - Chartered Accountant (1978), PAAB. Member of SAICA and registered auditor (RA) (IRBA)
  • CTA (Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy) (1977), University of Pretoria
  • B.Com (Hons) (Accountancy) (1976), University of Pretoria – distinctions in advanced accountancy, information systems and taxation.
  • B.Com (Accountancy) (1975), University of Pretoria – distinctions in commercial law, auditing, taxation, business economics and statistics. 


Gary Wilson 

Director Airlines


Gary has 35 years in aviation and tourism. He has assisted in the start-up of three airlines and consulted to regional countries on aviation. He also has tourism IT experience and back office set and logistics


Gary has a Marketing and Sales Diploma 1st Class from the Graduate School of Marketing as well as various in-house airline courses and training (Ramp. Passengers, Public Relations), Bahamas-baggage Tracing, SAAFARI (in-house airline reservations) 1, 2, 3; TACT-1&2 Customer handling and Personal training; CORDEC0-Airline Reservations System Training and the South African Airways “Post Disaster Management" training.


Johan Borstlap 

Chief Operations Officer 


John has 35 years in aviation and is an experienced pilot who has held senior positions, such as CEO for Sun Air, which includes development and launch and has started 2 other airlines in Africa. He was also a pilot in the SA Air Force early in his career.


He holds an ATP licence with in excess of 8 000 flight hours and a 1P rating in various types of aircraft including commercial B727 aircraft. Included amongst his senior positions are Flight Operations Manager, Senior Vice-President: Operations to Fleet Captain of commercial airlines. John also serves on various aviation bodies including a member of the CAA Committee on Flight and Duty Regulations amongst others.


Philip Poggenpoel CA(SA)

Chief Financial Officer 


Philip has a financial background and a qualified chartered accountant registered with SAICA. He brings extensive experience in that field. B-Com (Master) and ex CFO of one of the leading SA banking institutions merchant card division.


His experience includes extensive financial reporting within financial services sector at executive leadership level and also holds an H Dip Tax. He was also involved in the set up of financial systems, corporate reporting and strategic planning roles.


Ashley C Seymour CA(SA)

Corporate Finance Director


Ashley is a qualified Chartered Accountant (SA) with a number of years’ experience in financial services including Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Private Equity amongst others gained in South Africa and other African countries. Amongst the mergers and acquisition transactions he was involved in includes cross-border aviation sector within the African continent and capital raising projects amongst others.


He spent several years with the Corporate and Investment Banking unit of Standard Bank Group and has an astute and developed business acumen with entrepreneurial flair coupled with experience at executive level management including recent commercial roles as CEO and Executive Director. He has over the years served on various boards and its committees as a Non-Executive Board member. He is currently Group CFO of the Caban Investments Ltd Group.


John Sommerville 

Chief Safety Officer


John is a former Brigadier General of South African Air Force. John fills the role of safety officer and has more than 30 years’ experience in aviation safety matters both within the military and in civil aviation. When he was with the SACAA he rewrote the safety manual which is currently in use.


John also holds various commendations and medals awarded for meritorious service and duty.


They will be joined Richard Lovell Greene, a commercial lawyer with 40 years’ experience.


 Any enquiries in this regard can be directed to the Caban Group  of Companies CEO, Dave Romero, via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / +2721 683 2425. 


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