04 Nov

Move Media is charging forward

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The past two weeks have been a very exciting time for Move Media. From meeting Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Martii Ahtiaari, Desmond Tutu and Richard Branson to filming and providing all AV equipment for the Entrepreneur Expo we have been keeping busy. A highlight was when Peter Gabriel asked me if he could help put microphones on our guest!

We started with the 4th Entrepreneur Expo at the Muizenburg Civic Centre which is produced by Dylan James Media. The Expo is a showcase of products and services offered by entrepreneurs in Cape Town. The Entrepreneur Expo is the perfect place to launch a new business, amplify an existing business or increase sales! Valuable exhibitor networking takes place and it often leads to successful collaborative opportunities.

This was followed with a two day production called ‘South 2 North’ for Al Jazeera at the District 6 Museum. The show is a panel of The Elders on stage with an audience of 250 guests who asked them questions on worldly issues.
The concept originates from a conversation between the entrepreneur Richard Branson and the musician Peter Gabriel. The idea they discussed was simple: many communities look to their elders for guidance, or to help resolve disputes. In an increasingly interdependent world - a ‘global village’ - could a small, dedicated group of individuals use their collective experience and influence to help tackle some of the most pressing problems facing the world today?
Richard Branson and Peter Gabriel took their idea of a group of ‘global elders’ to Nelson Mandela, who agreed to support it. With the help of Graça Machel and Desmond Tutu, Mandela set about bringing the Elders together and formally launched the group in Johannesburg, July 2007.

In the next two weeks we will be doing the full TV production for the Discovery Cape Times Big Walk, which kicked off this Sunday with the Little Big Walk at Ratanga Junction for the under 6's.


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