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Offer to Caban Investments Limited Shareholders

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This document is important and requires action. If you need assistance in completing this offer please contact us through our Cape Town office on +2721 683 2425 and speak to our consulting director, Tony Malek.


Caban Capital Plc


Caban Capital Plc was established in 2013 as the holding company of Caban Investments Limited. The aim of the company is to establish a platform for the international expansion of the Caban business model. Caban Capital Plc will list on AIM of The London Stock Exchange with the aim of increasing its liquidity and for future capital raising purposes.


Caban Investments UK Limited, a subsidiary of Caban Capital Plc, will emulate the successful South African business model. It is the intention to start with a corporate finance company, TBL Capital UK Limited, which will be the first UK Service Provider. Caban Investments UK Limited is 70 % held by Caban Capital Plc.


The Offer


Caban Capital Plc hereby offers to 70% of your shareholding in Caban Investments Limited on a 10 to 1 basis at GBP 0.15 per share. This is an exchange of shares and there is no cash alternative.


Illustrative Example


If you hold 100,000 Caban Investment Limited shares and you accept the offer you will receive 7,000 Caban Capital Plc shares at GBP 0.15 per share. At the current exchange rate, it represents ZAR 2.74 per Caban Capital Plc share or ZAR 0.27 per Caban Investments Limited share.


Caban Investments Limited


The offer is for 70 % of your shareholding. You will receive a share certificate for the balance, that being 30% of your original shareholding.


Share Certificates


On the acceptance of the offer, you will receive two share certificates by 30 April 2014:


1.    Caban Capital PLC;
2.    Caban Investments Ltd for the remainder of the 30% not taken up by Caban Capital PLC



The company will list on the AIM sector of the London Stock Exchange on 4 September 2014. We advise our shareholders to hold onto the shares once the company has listed. We will advise our shareholders when it will be opportune time to start cashing in on some of the gains. We would like to let the listing settle first before any major selling takes place as this will have an impact on the share price.


Action Required


On receipt of this offer document, you’re required to send us an email accepting or rejecting the offer so that we can start preparing the company for the listing. The offer closes on 21 February 2014 (extended till 30 June). This offer is administered by TBL Capital Limited. All emails to be sent to Robin Botha on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


On Behalf Of the Board,


Ben Botes
Joint CEO
Caban Capital PLC

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