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The Caban Group of Companies has entered into a partnership with leading independent UK merchant bank, Strand Hanson Limited, to launch a corporate finance joint venture focused on the African market and operating out of Cape Town, South Africa.


Founded in 1993, Strand Hanson is one of London’s most well established advisory boutiques, and a leading adviser to companies in emerging markets. It has a unique presence in Africa, being the only one of its peer group to have a dedicated office on the continent which was opened in 2008 and is regularly ranked as the leading Nominated and Financial Adviser for AIM companies operating in Africa. 


This announcement follows the announcement, in the last quarter of 2016, of Caban Capital Plc becoming a Founder Member of the prestigious London VC Club, the official promotional company for the City of London funded by the Mayor of London.


The partnership is jointly headed by Warren Pearce, MD for Strand Hanson Africa, and Caban Group CEO, Dave Romero. It pools an impressive team of corporate advisors that will give African businesses access to London expertise with continent-wide experience across a range of services:


  • Listings on the London Stock 
  • Dual listings, including fast track 
  • Exposure to UK capital 
  • Capital raising through Strand Hanson’s extensive broker 
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Corporate governance advice/
  • Corporate 
  • Financial and business restructuring 
  • Advice concerning general strategic planning; 
  • Detailed advice concerning tender offers and potential offers.


The partnership will use the firms’ combined expertise to minimise the risks inherent in multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline transactions, seeking to structure the best deal for our clients with advice tailored to their individual needs.


A great deal of complexity can be minimised through up-front assessment and understanding of issues, particularly where a transaction includes multiple participants and jurisdictions.


Beyond the provision of corporate finance services, the partnership also provides a broad spectrum of other services through its network. These include business planning, accounting services, company secretarial services, marketing (including the full spectrum of advertising, public relations, event management, video production and digital marketing) and a team that assist with the sales of the product or service. The team specialises in preparing companies to be investor-ready and works closely with the corporate finance team.


Drawing on the partnerships considerable experience across a significant range of sectors, geographies and transaction types, the partnership is focused on delivering relevant, strategic and timely advice to our clients.


The Internet Marketing Association of South Africa (IMASA), the South African chapter of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA) is a professional organization that, since its inception in 2001, has accrued one of the largest databases of professional members in various fields including sales, marketing, business ownership, programming and creative development.


With over 1 000 000 members internationally, IMASA goes beyond economic opportunities and strives to provide new-found friendships, thought leadership, employment opportunities and the best business insight from member to member.


By combining Internet Marketing with physical relationships they seek to positively influence the leadership of tomorrow. IMA is one of the fastest growing Internet marketing groups in the world. It is underwritten by corporate partners to provide members an opportunity to learn, engage and define Internet Marketing best practices.


The IMA’s mission is to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for business professionals where proven Internet marketing strategies are demonstrated and shared in an effort to increase each member’s value to their organization.  We congratulate Jared on this achievement and wish him all the best as he steers the organisation.


Find out more about IMASA here: http://imanetwork.org/southafrica/




Today is the birthday of the Caban Group of Companies. On 1 March 2013 Caban Investments Ltd in Cape Town South Africa was officially launched.


While going through the archives we spent some time having a look back at our social media from the time. As a company we have embraced social media fully and have through the networking possibility of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter met many business associates who have become friends and we thought that on this special day we share some of the early posts with you.


The Facebook post on our launch date, 1 March 2013, is especially relevant and certainly a trait that is found in those that work within the group - the Cabanites. 

As Cabanites we often turn our tenacious natures towards helping others as is evident in our Community Investment Companies and the work we do with NPO's such as the Atlantis Dream Team, South African Small and Medium Enterprises Federation, Royal House of the N//nǂe (the bushmen of the Kalahari) amongst others.


While going through Twitter we were reminded that one of the partners, Alan Edwards, never seems to stop studying and had shortly after the launch of Caban Investments Ltd completed a course on Quantum Physics. Good practice for anyone who deals with SARS.

Today we thank you - our family, investors, partners, clients and supporters - for enabling the continued growth of the Caban Group. We have much in store for our fifth year which will be shared over our social media channels (they are listed below). We look forward to making more memories with you!

You can engage with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Or email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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