UREG is the first South African company that will assist investors in participating in this growth industry. It is anticipated that the market will peak in five years’ time. The strategy will be to list the company and maximise return on investment for shareholders.  

Caban has acquired  10% of RS Technology.


The areas that UREG will be involved in are


  • Investment in new  renewable energy technology
  • Investment in operational business requiring expansion capital
  • Providing Corporate Finance advice for business in related fields
  • Obtaining licence agreements from foreign companies to exclusively market their products.


The new generation prototype wind turbine PowerWing™was unveiled recently after an intensive six year research and development period for creator Rolf Seeliger. Read more about this below.



TransWind QuadRo“represents a highly novel, complete solution platform that is a ‘transformable’, ‘transportable’ fully mobile wind turbine with QuadRo Rotor configuration. Initially the product range will be available with power outputs between 1 to 50 kW.  The company is now seeking a new European partner to complete final testing. It is anticipated that production will commence towards the latter part of 2014.

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