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business financeAs an entrepreneur or CEO you will be acutely aware of the importance of business finance for your business. As part of the range of corporate finance services offered by our teams in South Africa and the UK, the request for access to business fin ace is one of the most typical enquiries we receive.
Businesses require financing for a variety of reasons, but there are some common reasons why businesses apply for funding.
Reasons might include business grants and loans for cash flow, the purchase of machinery, the hiring of more employees, or even the refinancing of existing loans to minimise monthly costs.

Reasons For Business Finance

Working Capital

Adequate working capital is a critical component of any company’s financial health, and a lack of working capital can have severe consequences for your company’s future. Businesses seek business finance in order to generate enough working capital to support their business growth plans. Reliable access to business finance can fill the gap between customer orders and supplier payments to help your business meet it’s funding commitments. In other words, access to business funding can cover short-term funding requirements whilst also giving the business the money required to grow.
Working capital can also support your business in taking advantage of new opportunities by investing in new products and services that will produce positive outcomes.

Asset Purchase

Growing your business and increasing sales frequently requires the acquisition of assets such as IT equipment or vehicles. Although you may have just enough cash to cover your company’s working capital expenses, you may seek financing to cover the purchase of new assets to allow your business to grow. An asset financing loan could be one of the options available to you to spread the costs of purchasing a specialized and expensive asset. Fixed monthly repayments can help you plan your cash flow ahead of time, allowing you to capitalise on your opportunity to grow.

It can be used to buy a variety of items for your business, based on what you need to carry out your growth plans. Funds can be used for business vehicles, either you want to buy your company’s first vehicle or expand capacity by adding to your current fleet.

Starting A Business

As an early stage business, dependent on the business sector you are focussing on, you will more than likely need funding to get off the ground. Ensuring that your business has access to small business funding might be vital to your small business. While the majority of directors will use their own funds to start the business, very few will be able to successfully self-fund the company to profitability and will therefore need to seek external financing.

Business Finance for Growth

If you want to expand your business and take things to a whole new level, you may require financial assistance to help you carry out your plans. Business finance can help you; to increase sales, grow your product or service offerings, relocate to a new location, hire more employees, or expand globally. However, you are aiming to increase your business, growth finance that’s suitable for your company can help you benefit from new options and make your dreams and aspirations a reality If your company has its daily running costs covered, external financing may be the option to help you grow.

Debt Restructuring

If you need to reshape your company’s debt, external financing that consolidates your borrowings and reduces costs can help you manage your finances better. Business financing to reorganize your existing debt can make financial planning simpler by limiting the number of monthly repayments you must track, as well as potentially lowering your total monthly repayments. Refinancing your existing company debt can help the business to grow by freeing up cash for working capital and growth.
While it would seem that there are numerous financing options available to fund your business during it’s growth phase, investigate all of them. This cannot be stressed enough. Understanding the best funding options available is part of understanding the signs of funding a growing business. Understand that you will have to repay the money at some point, and that repayment will come from your profits.

Business Finance Options

Trade Finance

Trade financing allows the exporter to collect receivables or get payment in accordance with the agreement, while simultaneously allowing the importer to receive credit in order to fulfil the trade order.

Invoice Finance

You can utilise this kind of business finance to bridge the gap in your capital while you wait for payment of bills for products or services that have already been supplied.

Rental Finance

Rental Finance is used by businesses who are looking for a solution that enables you to rent assets rather than buying them, and at the conclusion of the term, you have the option of either owning the assets outright or returning them to the lender.

Revolving Credit

A business finance agreement known as revolving credit enables a company to borrow money again up to a predetermined maximum. At the same time, the company is required to pay back a portion of the outstanding balance through a series of scheduled payments.

Asset Finance

The process of using a company’s balance sheet assets as a security in order to borrow money or take out a loan against something you already possess is referred to as asset finance.

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