Business Plan Consulting Services

Since 2012 Caban has supported entrepreneurs and growing businesses with strategic business planning, capital raising and the implementation of growth strategies.

Why Business Plan Consulting From Caban is Unique

Business Plan Consulting

Custom Made Business Plan

We collaborate with you to understand and improve your business model, target market, plans for securing funding and increasing sales, and other aspects of your unique vision in order to create a custom business plan and financial plan that will assist you in meeting your company's objectives.

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34 Years Venture Capital Experience

As venture capitalists ourselves, we understand the requirements and level of detail investors look for in a business plan. Our team has experience in starting, financing, and growing businesses as well as working as angel, venture capital, and private equity investors.

business plan consultants

1-to-1 with Experienced Business Plan Consultants

We know that each business is unique. You will work 1-on-1 with a dedicated business plan consultant. The team at Caban consists of individuals with world-class academic, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance backgrounds.

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Market Leading Strategic Planning

Our experience in creating business plans for clients in hundreds of industries and across all organisational types, including startups, small businesses, mid-sized companies, large corporations, nonprofits, and government organisations ensures that we have the insight to set you on the right path. We don't just write down your business ideas. Our business plan consultants conduct market research and work with you to develop strategies for success in both the short and long term. 

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In-Depth Market Research

Market research today includes a number of different sources including market and trend analysis, market research databases and even google search and social media analysis to ensure that both the industry and your target market is understood. This can assist you in better understanding emerging trends in your industry and identifying target markets, potential risks, and growth opportunities in order to develop a truly comprehensive business strategy.

Business Plan Consulting

Long Term Relationships

Over the years we have learnt that good solid business is built on relationships. With most of our clients we provide support for numerous rounds of fund raising. Our approach has always been about building relationships. This ethos is also something we aim to install in the clients we support. Developing relationships with both existing and prospective customers enables businesses to provide a more personalised and value adding customer experience. According to a recent study, 86 percent of customers believe their experiences are just as important as the product or service they buy.

What are we going to help you do?

  • Clarify and develop your business model and growth strategy;

  • Optimise your product or service offering to ensure customers will buy and investors will invest;  
  • Investment pitch deck development support based on investors feedback;

  • Ensure that your business plan is investment ready based our experience as a venture capital and corporate finance advisory firm;
  • Utilise data and analytics processes to pin-point key target markets and the tactics to reach them;

  • Introduce you to  new funding, and grant support programmes 

  • Look at your business from an external perspective and avoid pitfalls which you may not be able to see

  • Gain an immediate, extensive business network

  • Offer you additional corporate finance services where required to maximise the opportunity to get funded;

Why Should You Work With an Experienced Business Plan Consulting Team?

You can probably find a number of companies who deliver business plan consulting. Unfortunately, the majority of them are not that good.

Remember that you will need a business plan to successfully fund your business and to help you establish a successful company. While anyone may scribble down your idea on paper, few can match the expertise of a professional business consulting firm with more than 32 years of venture capital experience.

Ask yourself this question. If you were going to approach venture capital firms with your business plan, would you not want a team in your corner who work in venture capital themselves?

At Caban we see an average or four to six business plans and pitch decks every day. The majority of them are so poorly constructed that we don’t consider them from the outset. As our business is all about supporting entrepreneurs, we decided to offer business plan consulting services.

You won’t be able to design the correct tactics to grow your firm if your business plan consultant can’t undertake market research on your industry, competitors, and customers.

Similarly, if your business plan consultant does not spend a significant amount of time each month with your target clients (venture capitalists, bankers, angel investors, loan officers, and so on), they are unlikely to design a strategy that motivates them to write you a check. As a venture capital business, we know exactly what venture capitalists look for in a business plan.

Caban’s business plan consulting services have assisted hundreds of new and existing growing firms in raising funding and building successful businesses for over 20 years in both South Africa and the UK with our corporate finance advisory firm in London positioned to help gain access to UK financial markets and investors. We look forward to speaking with you about our business plan services and assisting you in achieving your goals.

How Our Business Plan Consulting Works

Our business planning and consulting team takes a 1-to-1 approach with each of the clients we work with. We know that most of our clients require a business plan in order to raise funding but we believe that the ongoing success of the business is equally, if not more important. This is why we ensure that the background research, competitor and industry analysis and the strategies provided to your business is so important. Not just to source the funding for the next stage of your business, but to ensure that the business is able to grow in the long term. Each one of  our clients get a high-quality, fully tailored business plan every time.

The business plan creation technique we have developed at Caban is divided into five phases, each of which is aimed to improve quality and client happiness.

Step 1: Management Interviews
During this first phase, we gather and document your “verbal” growth plan, which includes your vision, important achievements to date, obstacles and opportunities, business objectives and goals, and growth plans. We also build and present an effective “narrative” for the company plan during this step, which includes identifying and refining important research questions. Investors and lenders will be interested in your “story.”

Step 2: Market Research for Strategic Decisions
We measure the relevant market, analyse competitors, profile existing and new client groups, and do due diligence in this phase to uncover opportunities for your company to grow.

Your business plan consultant also performs “benchmarking research,” which entails identifying other firms and/or initiatives that have succeeded and/or failed.

Step 3: Financial Modelling & Draft Plan
After that, we’ll send you a draught of your business plan. This will include the entire business plan, as well as the sections below:
  • Summary of the Report
  • Analyse the Business
  • Analyses of Customers and Markets
  • Analyses of the Industry and Competitors
  • Plans for development, operations, and marketing
  • Appendix: Management Team
  • We will also offer your comprehensive financial model, including financial projections, at this time.

Step 4: Review and Revise
During this phase, we go over the draught plan with you and talk about the document’s focus, phrasing, and flow. We make any essential changes and modifications before preparing the new plan.

Step 5: Package and Finalise
The last stage is producing a clean, professional document with graphical enhancements that has been copy-edited, formatted, and is ready to deliver to stakeholders and investors.

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Business Plan Consulting
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Business Plan Consultant FAQs

  • What is Business Plan Consulting?

    Business plan consulting services include assisting small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and established companies in creating business plans that will aid them in obtaining bank loans, equity funding, and other forms of financing. A quality business plan consultant will also ensure the business’ growth strategy is solid. It is our job to help a wide range of business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs create professional business plans that are well-considered and powerful tools for convincing potential investors to fund your project or lend you money.

  • How Does Your Business Planning Process Work?

    Experience have told us that businesses are unique and hence their business plans will be different. This means that there's no one-size-fits-all approach.We want our clients to get the most out of their business plans by resolving issues, leveraging strengths, and highlighting new business opportunities for growth – all while taking things one step at a time.

    The Caban business planning team begins with what is most important to you: What are your current difficulties? What do you hope this company will accomplish? Our business plan consultants are here to help you make your vision a reality, whether it's by improving your day-to-day operations or by providing the strategic planning required for companies on the rise. Whatever stage of your company's life cycle you're in, our business plan consulting firm can help you assess your needs and provide solutions based on our years of experience working with businesses in a variety of industries.

  • How Long Will My Business Plan Consultant Take To Complete My Plan?

    Your Business Plan consulting team can create a custom business plan can  in as little as seven days, depending on the complexity of the business. This can however take longer dependent on the business model, size of investment required and availability of the client. 

  • How Much Does It Cost to Work With a Business Plan Consultant?

    The cost of professional business consulting services vary based on the size and complexity of the organisation being supported.