When it comes to business development, we put the people first: not only providing capital but also advice on risk management, various advisory services and hands-on support.


We bring this to life in a two-fold approach that uses a comprehensive service offering that supports entrepreneurs, while maximising returns for shareholders and investors.


Through Qei Holdings, we have created a community investment vehicle whereby the community invests in but also reaps the benefits from the developing entrepreneurs and businesses within their society. Through this model, we offer training and mentorship to entrepreneurs who go on to create sustainable businesses which then give back to NGOs and other CSI’s in their community – and the cycle of growth continues.


Within Caban Investments, we go as far as to make certain NGOs shareholders so that by virtue of dividends received from the community investment company, they also become sustainable and can continue their good work.


One of Atlantis’ most pressing needs as a community is good nutrition: one of the Atlantis Dream Team’s key projects is to focus on and alleviate this. Furthermore, the organisation is focused on uplifting the community in Atlantis with service provision and sustainable job creation for this impoverished area.


Established in collaboration between Caban Investments and the Atlantis Dream Team, Qei Holdings is a community-driven initiative. This organisation focuses on commercialising economic opportunities, from tourism to manufacturing and more, in order to benefit the community of Atlantis.