Short Term Business Loans

Short term business loans up to R5 000 000

You or your business will typically require a short term business loan  to provide finance to your business in the periods between paying your expenses and being paid yourself. This short term business loan is designed to provide your business with the cash boost to assist companies in need of working capital, without harming the day to day operations of your business. You can access a short term business loan up to R5 Million.

· Short repayment terms (typically from 3 months to 1 year)

· Access cash quickly (loans can be arranged very fast)

· Typically unsecured (no need to provide collateral)

· Reasonable interest rates dependent on your status ad credit record.

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A short term business loan is a loan that you can use to finance your business over a short time period. This instant cash boost can help companies in need of working capital, without compromising day to day business operations. You can access a short term business loan between £1,000 and £500,000 and the features of this finance include:

·   Flexible payment terms suitable to applicant.

·   Access cash quickly (loans can be arranged in under 24 hours)

·   Typically unsecured (no need to provide collateral)

·   Interest rates depends on your profile and credit history

What are the drawbacks of taking out a short term business loan?

Because the loan is offered over the short term lenders are able to charge higher rates as opposed to long term loans or mortgages.

Some lenders may choose to charge early repayment  fees to businesses that pay off their loan before the end of the term.

As short term loans are easier to obtain, if lenders don’t act responsibly they might get into a negative cycle and become financially dependent on using loans to manage their cashflow.

What are the advantages of a short term business loan?

The advantages of a short term business loan will depend on your business and current circumstances. It could provide you with cashflow while you are awaiting payment from your suppliers for instance or it could support the development of your business infrastructure. Some business owners might use it to provide emergency funding for the business is something unforeseen happens.

Easy application: Applying for a short term loan is simpler, and requires less paperwork.  

 Higher chances of approval: Because the loans are offered on the short term, there is less risk attached.

Access finance quickly: Approval is quicker and funds can be released in 24 hours.

Your loan, your decision: Short term finance can be used to fund a range of business purposes and ventures.

short term business loan

Practical Uses of Short Term Loans

Set up costs: Entrepreneurs often find that it’s expensive to get their business ambitions set up. From buying enough stock to administrative costs, you might require additional short term capital to serve customer demands in the way that ensure that they come back and of course tell others about your business.

Cash flow issues: We often under estimate the cashflow demands of a business, especially in the early years after starting up. Using a short term business loan to address shortfalls could be a feasible short term solution.

New premises: A new work space or shop in the right area is often a priority when growing your business. Deposits on premises or decoration, furniture or stock might require additional investment.

Advertising & promotion: Promoting your business through the right channels could require some upfront investment. Business owners know that a business does not wrk without customers. So paying for advertising or promotional cost could be a good investment if you are doing it right.

Business website: You might be creating a new website for your business or upgrading your existing website.