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Small business funding and Small business fundingaccess to sufficient cashflow is one of the most commonly stated reasons for small business failure, according to the entrepreneurs we speak to. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of having access to the small business funding and cashflow you need, when expenses need to be paid and clients are not paying on time.

Every entrepreneur’s path is unique, but one experience is shared by all: obtaining small business funding. Entrepreneurs and small businesses require cash to support their financial goals, whether it is to help cash flow or to support expenditures or to rise to the challenge of low sales or to expand for growth. As entrepreneurs ourselves, the team at Caban investments are very much aware of the challenges of securing sufficient business funding for business owners.

The good news? The availability of small business funding vary widely — loan amounts, repayments, interest rates etc allow you to get an option that coincides with your needs and helps push your small business forward.

So, how do you get funding to help you run your business? And what can you do as a small business owner to improve your chances? Let’s go over the fundamentals of small business funding so you can take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

What Are the Options for Small Businesses Funding?

Aside from personal funding sources (such as your own savings), there are two primary ways to fund your small business: equity and debt. Equity is the exchange of a portion of one’s ownership for money. Since the funds are “paid for” through the ownership terms, there is usually no obligation to repay them.

The other option is debt, typically in the form of a small business fund. Unlike equity, you are not required to give up any ownership of your company, but you are expected to meet the terms of the financial agreement.

According to the world bank, access to small business funding is crucial as small businesses are the largest employer world wide today.

What Do You Need To Get Small Business Funding?

Since businesses and Government organsiations are different in the way that they evaluate small business funding opportunities and award the requested funding, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for ensuring access to small business capital. Approval is ultimately determined by the funding provider’s trust in your ability to meet the contract’s repayment terms. Even so, there are steps you can take to raise the lender’s confidence in you and enhance your financing options.

Do I need a business plan for small business funding?

Some financiers demand that applicants register a business plan. Even if they don’t, having one prepared shows your organization, leadership, and readiness. It also sets the stage for the specific funds you’re requesting.

Check Your Credit Score
Your credit score is an unbiased way of summarising financial dependability and informs the conditions of funding you qualify for. Most finance companies will look at both your business and personal credit scores (the latter especially if you haven’t established your small business credit score).

Organize Your Accounts
Make sure your balance sheets, cash flow statements, income and loss statements, and any other operational documents are in good shape. Your financial statements and accounting records are typically reviewed by lenders. Any uncertainty in the information or disorganization may cause them to question your financial management.

Evaluate Your Online Presence
Your reputation is formed not only by your actions, but also by how others perceive those actions (especially in era of social media sharing). During the review process, many lenders conduct a due diligence check, which includes online reviews. Analyse common feedback platforms and respond to any concerns or potential issues.

Do Your Research
Not all funding sources are created equal; you must select the appropriate lender and product to fulfil your funding requirements. By applying for the right type offunding, you can save time filling out applications for funding that aren’t right for your company and increase your chances of approval.

Obtaining Small Business Funding

Since there are so many role players in the small business funding industry, you must do your homework. Before signing any funding agreements, make sure you totally understand the terms of a contract. Read the contract carefully, and if you have any questions, ask for clarification.

Obtaining small business funding is a ongoing challenge in the business world. Do not perceive the need for funding as a sign of poor business or failure. It is an inherent aspect of doing business. It can mean the difference between keeping your business running during a slow period or closing your doors before you have a chance to be successful.

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